Duterte Clamor for President Soars to 11-Million Signatures

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The traditional politics of the Philippine presidency is gearing up for a new trend these days, as the Duterte clamor for president reaches its highest peak of 11-million signatures. In the light of all these, the next question would be, Will Mayor Rodrigo Duterte accept the challenge? Variou reports have it that Mar Masanguid, a barangay captain in Davao City and the pioneer of the Duterte for President Movement has said that there are countless numbers of people across the nation have openly expressed support for the fierce but goal oriented mayor of Davao City. Although these people from all walks of life do not have financial backings from the mayor himself, they have time and again reiterated their quest for social change will be fulfilled at long last if the Duterte clamor for President will not have a reversing trend. Read on.

The Duterte clamor for President has reached 11 million signatures. Will Mayor Duterte take the challenge?

The Duterte clamor for President has reached 11 million signatures. Will Mayor Duterte take the challenge?

The persevering brainchild behind the awakening Duterte clamor for President has further added that even local officials have expressed their full support to push Mayor Duterte to run for the highest office of the land. However, the main man behind the campaign refused to identify those people. Nevertheless, their support for this new political ideal never withers. Among Duterte’s prominent supporters are: Lawyers, businessmen and surprisingly, some former members of the present administration. These sectors of the society strongly believed that Duterte has all the qualifications of a national leader to finally turn the Philippines towards an unthinkable economic progress. Thus, they have also issued the most inspiring remark for their most blessed country. They have unanimously uttered.

There is still hope for the Philippines because of Duterte’s courage and intelligence it would bring in the change that Filipinos have longed for.

As far as Mayor Duterte’s most admired traits as a leader are concerned, one of which is his tough stance against the scrupulous members of the society. Despite of all these proddings, he has yet to issue his statement as to whether or not he the Duterte clamor for President will become a reality in 2016.

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