The Duterte for President Movement is beginning to gain an overwhelming support across the nation as it reaches as far as the Visayas Region and other key cities all over the Philippines. In an interview with a leading broadsheet, a village chieftain whose name is Mar Masanguid, the prime mover of the political movement has divulged that as early as now they are setting up their formidable and strategic networks in Negros Oriental, Iloilo, Cebu and Biliran to name a few. Along this line, he has this to say: Local residents in most provinces in the Visayas warmly welcomed us, signifying their intent to support the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President in 2016.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is a lover of freedom and justice might run foe president in 2016.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is a lover of freedom and justice might run foe president in 2016.

Incidentally, the Duterte for President Movement has already installed their political frameworks in Mindanao’s primal points. Among these are: Davao, South and North Cotabato, Agusan and Sultan Kudarat. Likewise, Mr. Msanguid has revealed that

We are targeting about eight to nine million votes here in Mindanao.

In other developments, the said political organization has also discussed the matter to barangay officials specifically in the City of Dumaguete. Primarily, it aims to get 8 million votes from the Visayas Region alone. Generally, this will be composed of ordinary citizens like vendors, drivers, farmers and the likes. They have known this local official as a man who does not let criminality to get in his peaceful bailiwick no matter what happens.

The Duterte for President Movement is definitely an alliance to watch out for in 2016. Should he gladly give in to the incessant clamor of the masses? Let us all wait and see.

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