The fabulous and intriguing circus of Philippine politics seems to be underway as early as now. Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is eyeing Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to become her potential running mate in the upcoming presidential race two years from now. However, the Duterte-Santiago tandem will only be feasible if the fierce and brilliant lawmaker from Iloilo will fully recover from a terminal lung cancer which is currently diagnosed as inits fourth stage already. Senator Santiago further clarified that if she does not fully recover by December, she will no longer seek any position for public office.

Senator Miriam Santiago wants Mayor Duterte to become her presidential running mate in 2016.

Senator Miriam Santiago wants Mayor Duterte to become her presidential running mate in 2016.

Santiago said her final decision concerning her political plans will solely depend on her attending physicians. Meanwhile, the possible Duterte-Santiago tandem in 2016 was even posted by the lady senator in official Facebook account. In this regard, Senator Miriam wrote.

I would love to run with Rudy Duterte. He would make an excellent VP for enforcement. Maybe we can make him change his mind.

On the part of netizens, a formidable tandem such as the Duterte-Santiago team up has stirred several reactions from millions of Facebook users. One of which, goes like this.

At 25 I haven’t been registered as a Philippine voter simply because there had been no candidates worthy of my vote. but I might register for the first time if you run for presidency godspeed!

Some said that the Duterte-Santiago tandem is a powerful combo if

Miriam will fight the corrupts, Duterte will fight the criminals. This is a power combo!

On the other hand, if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will not agree to the idea of Senator Santiago the invincible public figure is setting her eyes on Senator Grace Poe or Gilbert Teodoro.

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