Dwayne Johnson Shake It Off Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon

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Host Jimmy Fallon is well-known for his lip-sync battles on his own show, and last week he went head to head with Dwayne Johnson on Spike’s own lip-sync battle. Best known as “The Rock”, the former professional wrestler, actor and Taylor Swift fan took the stage to sing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, entertaining the audience especially with the rap section of the song.

Watch Dwayne Johnson Shake It Off Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon below.

The Rock Shake It Off

Dwayne Johnson performs an impressive rendition of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

Despite Jimmy Fallon’s status as a seasoned lip sync professional, his performances barely stood up when Dwayne Johnson took the stage to open the battle with his version of the song, “Shake It Off”. He even nailed the speaking part as he bounced up and down like an excited teenager. And also, the “mmms”, he did it clearly for the audience and truly surprised them with his actions, especially, bouncing along to the pop hit’s sugary chorus as he flips off opponent Fallon and host LL Cool J.

Lip Sync Battle” was announced in November and has Fallon teaming up with executive producers John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, Casey Patterson, Jay Peterson and Rick Schwartz. Beth McCarthy-Miller of “Saturday Night Live” serves as director.

Meanwhile, “Tonight Show” late-night battles on NBC have gone super-viral, racking up tens of millions of viewers and raising the recognition level of the game’s already-famous participants.

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