There are numerous and fantastic tourist destinations which are said to be exotic, just like those dishes which are mouthwatering and tempting at the same time. In Eastern Europe, there are lots of magnificent and endearing places that millions should not fail to see. She dearly possesses those captivating cities which are truly rich in culture alongside with its eye-catching architectures of Mediterranean concept and innovation. Relatively speaking, Western Europe follows suit but of course; Eastern Europe has the most fulfilling grandeur of an unceasing tourism development like no other.

One of the famous museums in Bucharest Romania.

One of the famous museums in Bucharest Romania.

Hence, to make this marvelous territory worth visiting here are some of the most unforgettable places on the eastern part of Europe that will never be forgotten by anyone who loves to circumnavigate the world, no matter how much would it cost. First in the roster, is Bucharest, Romania. It has a widely compelling history. As such, it was dubbed as the Little Paris of world history. It is the finest haven of trendy cafes, boulevards with lush trees and those modern architectures which are breathtaking in its strictest sense. Above all those things which made her more interesting, is the so-called Parliament Palace. Architecturally, it was magnificently patterned after the Pentagon.

Next in line of the most wonderful cities in Eastern Europe is no other than but Bratislava, Slovakia. It features the most famed Hilltop Castle. Likewise, its busy and narrow streets are filled with so many restaurants which have reasonably-priced menus which are aptly suited for first time travelers. Meanwhile, if you are fond of having some of the best panoramic views all you need to do is to proceed to the world-renowned Slavin Memorial. This coming Yuletide Season, you can simply drop by at the Market which is strategically located at the middle of the city. One of the most delicious beverages that every tourist must not forget to have a taste of mulled wine. Also, Nida, Lithuania can be considered as the Princess of Lithuania. It is the primary settlement alongside the Curonian Spit.

The latter is actually described as a sand dune which is literally curve in shape that is strategically situated between the plush Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. Amazingly, it one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Apart from this, there are white sand beaches which add more color and a defining verbosity to the vibrant and astonishing tourism development of Nida, Lithuania. These enigmatic tourist gems of Eastern Europe have played pivotal roles in the continuing saga of its influential historical evolutions which have clearly defined the crossroads of her socio-cultural development and economic preponderance without a shadow of doubt through the years.

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