Writing is her passion. It is her lifeblood. Six to 4 articles daily are no easy tasks. To deliver quality and relevant articles are her primary responsibilities. These are the major reasons why, the author of this article seldom sleeps. As a result, those irrational and killer food cravings are already a part of her graveyard writing schedule. Among her food trips are a pitcher of coffee, some chocolates and fruits, eggs and all other foodies that will keep her awake in time for the following: Meeting article deadlines, thinking what to write and the most tedious part of editing and publishing her own unique articles. But sad to say, these food cravings of hers are metabolically absurd and a lot of nonsense. Reasons wise, the succeeding sections will tell you why. Read on.

This visually- enticing burger might satisfy your craving. But, is it healthy?

This visually- enticing burger might satisfy your craving. But, is it healthy?

The author of this article is literally suffering from killer food cravings syndrome, that only she can ever resolve. To help her out and those people out there who are consciously doing the same routine, here are the 4 easy to follow tips on how to curb this unhealthy habit gradually without any side effect. These are as follows:

4 Easy Ways to Avoid Irrational Food Cravings

The 4 non-prescriptive ways on how to slowly eradicate your unhealthy compensatory mechanisms. will definitely enhance your overall well-being. So, why don’t you try to do the following religiously each day of your lives?

  • Determine what you really want– In doing this, the initial step that you need to understand the reason for your food cravings. Therefore, you have to carefully assess your emotions at that very moment. For instance, if you are most of the time under stress, you might as well do some light exercise routines like stretching and moving around your house.
  • Avoid those food with refined carbo– These are those types of food that tend to cause a decrease in your blood sugar level. If this happens, hunger sets in. Now, to make it more stable including your metabolism, have lots of fiber and protein in your daily diet.
  • Distract yourself from having some food at night.- To start off, you can do the following: Text a friend, play some video games or watch your favorite shows on TV.
  • Replenish and hydrate more frequently– Drink a glass of water to make your killer food cravings subside.

Food is essential for us to become healthy, active, alert and full of life. These are the ultimate keys to human survival. So, next time that these killer food cravings hit you satisfy your wants with those healthy food substitutes that are easy to find inside your fridge.

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