It’s been exactly nine years since my branch account has given the rare and once in a lifetime to have a credit card. The nice thing about this huge financial blessing was that I did not apply for it anyway. At first, yours truly was very hesitant to use it because there might come a time that I would have compounding problems after using my good as cash credit card. Years passed, my prognosis came true.

Paying your credit card debt entails a lot of planning and sacrifice.

Paying your credit card debt entails a lot of planning and sacrifice.

My credit card debt has already reached to a certain amount of which I presume is so much impossible for me to pay at this point in time. However, my determined and tenacious persona is very much determined to settle my credit card debt in the not so distant future. As such, I have employed my resourcefulness and have found these easiest ways on how to pay my outstanding balance without any inch of difficulty. Here are the steps that we should all take in stride to be totally debt-free from our credit card.

Easy Steps on How to Settle Your Credit Card Debt

These ways are so easy to follow and accomplish. All it takes is your strategy and discipline to be able to finally get rid of this financial stressor for the rest of your life.

  1. Acknowledge– This means that you must be able to determine your financial capacity at the moment. Next, if you have several credit cards under your name start to plan from that point. Be honest with your-self.
  2. Do some re-budgeting and track down your expenses.- Make a list of your monthly expenses. Now, if your spending is much greater than your paycheck trim down your unnecessary wants. Focus on your goal.- To pay your credit card debt.
  3. Do not use your card in the meantime.- Try to resist the temptation of using your credit card all over again. To resolve, leave it at home.
  4. Try to increase your minimum payment.- This is meant to ensure that you won’t incur much interest on your next bill.
  5. Balance transfer scheme– Ask for promotional offers which aim to minimize the interest rates of the card. But, to avoid inconveniences read the companies terms and conditions. Take a closer look of the document. If there are hidden charges forget it.

Our credit card debts are extremely resolvable. Just live within our means and have the courage to affirm to our-selves that we can strongly fight the lure of our undesirable wants.

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