Longtime running noontime show, “Eat Bulaga” suffered an unexpected rating setback when “Showtime’s” Vhong Navarro returned to his Kapamilya co-stars last March 8, 2014 to signal his arduous desire to be on the rebound as far as his showbiz commitments are concerned. With this exciting showbiz development, Eat Bulaga’s rating subsided making the three-decade afternoon galore of Bulaga to be as gloomy as a melancholic blue sky.

Eat Bulaga's rating dropped when Vhong returned to "Showtime"

Eat Bulaga’s rating dropped when Vhong returned to “Showtime”

Percentage wise, Eat Bulaga’s rating dwindled with only 12.6% as compared to “Showtime’s” 20.3%. This was openly divulged by Kantar Media. On the other hand, millions of netizens worldwide had also welcomed Navarro with his much awaited showbiz comeback. Along this line, Eat Bulaga’s rating declined when various social networking sites were flooded with inspiring words of encouragement for Vhong Navarro. Incidentally, the tearful hashtag #WelcomeBackVhongNavarro, was placed on the list of worldwide trending topics.

In return, he emotionally said these words. “I want to personally thank all of you for defending me, believing in me, and praying for me,” a tearful Vhong said. “You are the reason why I remain strong, why I’m here in front of you now, and why I love working. I love making people happy”.

In the final analysis, Eat Bulaga’s rating shrinked because their unbeatable stature in the field of noontime entertainment is not always a sure guarantee that everything will not dim nor change at all as time goes by.

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