There might be a silver lining in the lives of those hopeless victims of the dreaded Ebola virus, with the sudden emergence of a newly-discovered drug that could finally kill the virus permanently. The drug is named as Zmapp has allegedly improved the worsening condition of the victim a few minutes after it was administered. He was Dr. Bradley Kent. According to reliable sources, his condition had improved together with the other victims.

ZMapp, is said to be the latest drug ever discovered against the dreaded Ebola virus.

ZMapp, is said to be the latest drug ever discovered against the dreaded Ebola virus.

The Ebola drug was manufactured by the firm Mapp Biopharmaceutical Incorporated. This company is found in San Diego California and was momentously established in the year 2003. Above anything else, the main mission of the company is to actually develop a drug insofar as infectious diseases are concerned. Over the years, it has been harmoniously conglomerated with National Institutes of Health and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The said arm of public service has also been assigned to find those medicines that will finally do away with the virus itself.

Although this exceptional Ebola drug has to be tested a million times over, the dynamic and changing world of healthcare must be closely motivated to further improve the drug in the long run. Meanwhile, this soon to be incredible drug is an antibody against the virus which actually does its job inside the bloodstream of an Ebola virus victim.

As of the moment, brilliant doctors and researches have not fully tested this newest drugs on humans. Instead, it was initially tested on primates. As far as its effects are concerned, these things have to be further validated in time. But everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that someday the ZMapp drug will become the most effective cure against the Ebola outbreak across the world.

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  1. Gladys Mata says:

    I am really shocked of disease but i therefore pray the Holy virgin Mary and Jesus Christ to intervene and remove this deadly and shocking disease here on earth. Again to cure those who are infected and help every health center and doctors, scientists and inventors….. May Our living God hear Me.

    Kind Regards Gladys Mata

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