The health dilemma concerning the Ebola outbreak makes millions anxious about this nightmare because of those news reports that it has already spread in some parts of the West according to CDC. In lieu of this, US President Barack Obama says that alongside with the World Health Organization their multi-faceted health systems can effectively resolve the Ebola virus outbreak by keeping it under control until it finally diminishes as if nothing happened in the vastness and modernity of the US territory. In fact, Obama has assured the public that its risk factors are extremely low as compared to those who are devastatingly affected by the said lethal plague in Sierra Leone and Liberia respectively. To resolve, he ordered a much aggressive response to this kind of a mysterious epidemic despite of its much needed expenditures to gradually curb it at all cost.

US President Barack Obama says that Ebola is under control.

US President Barack Obama says that Ebola is under control.

Meanwhile, the US government has impending investigations as to how a medical practitioner had contracted the virus in no time. More so, President Obama has designated the most prolific teams in his administration to positively identify those people who flew with Amber Vinson, who is a carrier of an Ebola virus. Similarly, the World Health Organization’s director of strategy in the person of Christopher Dye has said that the deadly strain ability to spread in a broad spectrum can still be considered as an alarming phase of human existence. In other developments, the health ministers from the European Union are currently having a comprehensive meeting in Brussels to discuss the following agendas in consonance with the Ebola virus. These are the following: The increased screening of travelers as well as the deployment of more troops in West Africa to arrest the virus in the coming months or years.

The US federal health officials is scheduled to appear before a congressional meeting on Thursday to answer significant queries in relation to this global health issue. On the other hand, there were alleged reports which revealed that there are some nurses in the US who seem to have a not so comprehensive guidance on how to deal with it with utmost care. Some of the published victims of the Ebola virus in the US are: Thomas Duncan, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson. Also, there were previous and verified accounts that there are quite a few percentage of contract workers in the United States who have been found positive with Ebola. Luckily, they have survived the lethal nightmares of it after having been subjected to an extensive medical treatment. Last but not the least, an NBC cameraman was immediately transported from Liberia and is now being administered with the best medical care in Nebraska Medical Center. Indeed, the Ebola virus is as dangerous as a terroristic attack.

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