The dreaded holocaust of Ebola seems to be unstoppable. It is currently in the glamorous territory of New York City. This time, its latest victim was a doctor from Guinea. He was positively tested for the virus.

The Ebola virus remains to be the most deadly virus in global history.

The Ebola virus remains to be the most deadly virus in global history.

As a result, he became the fourth confirmed carrier of that very unforgiving plague in global history. Accordingly, here is a brief chronicle of how it all began. Dr. Craig Spencer returned to the United States after finishing the most dangerous but noble mission of his illustrious medical career. He was delegated to treat those innumerable patients of the still unresolvable Ebola virus. He had no choice but to pursue with this very life-threatening because he is a distinguished member of a heroic organization which is no other than but the Doctors without Borders.

Successfully, Dr. Spencer was able to accomplish his unrelenting human endeavor on the 12th day October without any gut feel that he would be the next patient of a death-causing strain. After which, he left this helpless country via Brussels in Belgium. Five days later, he safely arrived at the JFK Airport. At first, he did not show the common symptoms of a virus carrier, until Thursday. But things have bitterly for the worst scenario. This was according to Dr. Mary Travis Bassett, a health commissioner of New York. In a rare interview, she had candidly revealed that Dr Spencer’s body temperature was regularly monitored twice day. Among his early symptoms were as follows: Fever, nausea, fatigue and physical discomforts. Unbelievably, his fever had skyrocketed to 38 degrees Celsius. Consequently, his friends were placed quarantine. They were in the same way subjected to close monitoring.

Prior to the onset of this very alarming medical dilemma, he did three-minute jog and then he went to a bowling alley somewhere in Brooklyn. But after he became positive, the said recreational establishment was ordered to be temporarily closed for precautionary measures. In the same manner, he rode three subways. Unfortunately, Spencer had already developed slight fever. In fact, a health official had said.

At the time that the doctor was on the subway, he did not have fever … he was not symptomatic. Chances of anyone contracting the virus from contact with him are close to nil

In resolution, the next question which has to be frankly addressed by New York health authorities is this. How prepared are those New York hospitals as far as providing the best medical care for these countless patients whose precious lives are hanging by a thread? The New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center, where Spencer is currently in isolation is one of the best hospitals in the Big Apple. In fact, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has openly said.

We are as ready as one could be. We had the advantage of learning from the Dallas experience.

Ultimately, an Ebola virus might be taking away our faith in God. But as they say, Faith can move mountains.

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