The dreaded and lethal virus which is scientifically known as Ebola is now spreading havoc in the United States, based on the recent studies of scientists and medical experts around the world. Surprisingly, these brilliant apostles of science are saying that millions of Americans should not panic because they only need to be aware of the REAL FACTS behind the mysterious virus. Therefore, let this interesting website enlighten you even more although we have already published some engrossing articles about this longstanding health dilemma. First and foremost, Ebola is categorically classified as one type of hemorrhagic fever.

Of course, it ultimately deadly and contagious. However, a given person could only contract the virus if he or she had a direct contact with an Ebola virus carrier. Some of the best illustrative examples of the so-called direct contact are as follows: Sweat, blood, urine, fecal matter and saliva to name a few. Experts have clearly pointed out that modernized public health approaches or methodologies can effectively help in containing the virus which only makes its way through body fluids. To prevent the disease from spreading all throughout the United States, CDC director Tom Frieden, has said that the local health departments in the country have began to critically trace those people who had contracted the virus for the longest time, through its main carrier. Accordingly, Frieden further explained.

This is the hemorrhagic ebola strain which triggers Ebola in no time.

This is the hemorrhagic ebola strain which triggers Ebola in no time.

I have no doubt that we will control this case of Ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country,

To track any potential exposures and stop the outbreak, medical officials will first interview the patient and then family members. From there officials will outline and investigate all of the patient’s movements after the symptoms appeared and he was contagious. They will build concentric circles, with one circle representing everyone the patient could have exposed and then a second including all the other people those initial contacts have interacted with. To finally resolve the virus outbreak in the United States, Frieden highly recommends this to everyone.

With that we put together a map essentially that identifies the time, the place, the level of the contact.Then we use a concentric circle approach to identify those contacts, who might have had the highest risk of exposure, those with intermediate risk.

Meanwhile, the first-ever victim of an Ebola outbreak remains to be unidentified at this point in time. Based on verified accounts, the helpless victim had been to Liberia last September 19. After which, he arrived in the US the next day. Dr. Frieden said in press conference.

At that time, the individual did not have symptoms. But four or five days later, he began to exhibit them. The individual was hospitalized and was isolated Sunday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

After a few days, the Ebola virus carrier in the United States had been very sick. Currently, he is now in an intensive care unit until he totally recovers.

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