Ebola Virus Hits Europe

| August 12, 2014 | 2 Comments

There is no stopping the Ebola virus from making millions of people to fear for their lives. Since its sowed tumultuous terrors, this is the very first time that it has attacked Europe just like a thief in the night. In Madrid, Spain a missionary has died during the course of his much needed for the deadliest virus strain in the world. Based on verified reports, Spain’s Ministry of Health has made use of the Z -Mapp drug for Ebola virus.

The above Ebola virus has killed millions of lives and hits Europe without remorse.

The above Ebola virus has killed millions of lives and hits Europe without remorse.

Despite of the earnest efforts of the health department to treat the helpless victim in the person of Father Miguel Pajares by using the Z-Mapp drug he was not able to escape the treacherous virus that has already claimed millions of lives. Along this line, Pajares died at the Carlos 111 Hospital. Although the said infirmary did not even gave a confirmation that he was then treated by this newest medical breakthrough some authorities on health care had clearly affirmed the said move.

According to verified accounts, the meek and gentle missionary was only one of those several individuals who have received immediate treatments through the careful utilization of the newest experimental treatment against the sickening Ebola virus. In West Africa alone, there were a total of 1,013 patients who have died. Prior to his death, he was very much engrossed in treating patients with Ebola in a Liberian hospital. When became terribly ill, he was immediately moved to Spain. Last Tuesday, the UN health agency has vehemently denied that they have authorized Liberia to do some drug testing to finally arrest the virus for good.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization held an emergency press conference in relation to the varying ethical issues to be discussed in the light of these new Ebola virus drugs. Having all these health dilemmas which were enormously effectuated by Ebola virus, there is no better way to resolve it as of this time but through our sincerest prayers.

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