The innate and magnificent wonders of Mother Nature have kept everyone in awe with its glorious topographical landscapes, which gave the Philippines an impressive description as one of the best tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. One unforgettable and splendid examples of this tourist spot, is the Eden Nature Park and Resort. Descriptively, the Eden Nature Park and Resort is a lush mountain resort and vacation paradise that is geographically situated in the City of Davao. Generally, this man-made treasure in Mindanao is at the bedrock of Tolomo Mountain in the busy and progressive district of Toril.

Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Moreover, it has been proudly built on a somewhat vast land area with an estimated measurement of about 80 hectares. These portions of abundant lands are mainly comprised of terraces and several slopes with the same kinds of landform. Speaking of its inherent sea level elevation, it is more or less 2,650. Meanwhile, this ultra-sophisticated tourist attraction is a nature’s paradise in the real sense of the word; because it has carefully cultivated and grown thousands of relaxing pine trees.

Historically, this marvelous scenic spot in Davao City is primarily composed of almost 95 percent of an enthralling beach resort which had genuinely emanated from the brilliant and creative cognitive faculties of man. The Nature Park and Beach Resort of Eden in Davao was suddenly discovered in the year 1971. Prior to its dazzling metamorphosis over the years, the captivating nature park and resort in the Land Of Durian was a former logged over vicinity that was mysteriously concealed with endearing wild grasses from afar. A few years back, it had been lavishly converted into a world-renowned tourist attraction that exclusively introduces to everyone those educational and historical trips which are humbly categorized as authentically personalized inside and out, without any unwanted compromise. The enthralling sections of this magnificent tourist attraction are as follows:the other sections of the Eden Resort and Nature Park are further embellished with tall forest trees of about 100,000 species as well. Therefore, these flourishing blessings of Mother Nature beautifully serve as the most protective oasis of the wildest birds in the Philippines and across the globe. Gladly, these creatures have gratifyingly nestled on the sturdy branches of those forest trees. For some unknown reason, the magical hands of nature had impeccably fashioned on its own a unique sunshade for all the other beholden plants and trees at the Eden Resort, Davao City. As a result, this has been dubbed as the second haven of an outrageous flora and fauna.


Among its diverse and budget-friendly amenities of are the following: A grandiose and clean hotel which has a 62-room accommodation. Just like any other resort cum hotel accommodation, it has a teeming no smoking nooks, rooms with sturdy writing tables for workaholic business and career executives. For your utmost enjoyment, the state-of-the-art features have fully functional cable boob tubes, mini-bars, little kitchens, a one-stop keepsake shop and laundry services. Furthermore, it is equipped with the best dry cleaning serviceability for all their most valued and well-loved clientele, the world over.

Apart from these high-end amenities which are readily available 24 hours a day, the all in-one vacation hub has an extremely entertaining sports and leisure facilities such as hygienic kiddy pools, a playful atmosphere of children’s clubhouse. For adult’s use, there is an outdoor pool where they can spend their whole day in bathing their tired bodies after a hard day’s work. Last but not the least, many of its frequenting visitors have countless selections from a wide array of flower gardens to nicely view at which would make their stay more homely; though they are far away from home. The succeeding sections of this totally informative travel article will colorfully delve around the ever-enchanting places of interests that you must not dare miss because of their entirely different auras and historical relevance.

Entrance Rates

At the caressing and soothing bosom of Eden Nature Park and Beach Resort, the entrance fees vary accordingly based on the vacation packages that are practically opted by budget-conscious travelers, each day of the year. As an overview, the lowest and most affordable entrance fees of this avant garde vacation escapade in the Philippines range from Php 180-Php 450. For other inquiries, you can easily keep in touch with its approachable and goal-oriented management and staff; at these telephone numbers: +63 82-299-1020 and +63 82 296-0791.Thus, if you are going to use a mobile phone here is the number that you have to dial. +639189307590. Hence, if you want a quicker and instant reply to all your pertinent questions do not hesitate to send them an e-mail at [email protected]


The exact physical address of Eden Nature Park with Beach Resort, Davao City is at Eden Nature Park and Resort Sales and Reservations Office, Matina Town Square, Mc Arthur Highway in Matina, City of Davao, Republic of the Philippines.

Getting There

It is very much easier and convenient on how to finally reach your travel destination in the politically peaceful province of Davao City, Actually, you have three ways on how to safely reach for the first time the alluring tourist attraction. Below, are the randomly enumerated means of physically communing with the soulful and majestic newest tourist sensation of Davao.

  • Airport Taxi- From the international airport of Davao, there are lots of passenger taxis which are very much willing and able to drop you off at the resort without so much inconveniences. For those taxi cabs with aircons, its drivers can charge you as much as Php 1,000.00. On the contrary, those taxis without airconditioning units its drivers normally ask for as low as Php 800.00
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  • Public Modes of Transport- Just in case you do not have any private vehicle of your own, you can just settle for a jeep that is directly going to Toril. To help you get through with your travel a lot easier, kindly request the driver to stop at a branch of Mercury Drug. From the said drug store chain, there are many motorcycles that you can hire for a minimal rental fee of Php 80.00
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  • Privately-Owned Vehicles- If you have your own car or any other vehicle types to take you there at the Eden Nature Park with Beach Resort, all you have to do is to trail down the Davao City Proper, from the International Airport of Davao. Subsequently, go down the road until you have reached the Mercury Drugstore Crossing. This is the most definite landmark in going there
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From that vantage point, shift your steering wheel to the right. At the very least, you still have to carefully drive an approximate vehicle mileage of 20 kilometers or more. Search for the legend that is otherwise known as the fork road. Turn left and then, ask for the exact location of Barangay Eden

In his own impossible and yet powerful ways, man was able to honorably exemplify how his artistic gifts and talents can flawlessly fashion the Filipino version of the Garden of Eden without a taint of blasphemy. In fact, the gorgeous and bewildering Eden Nature Park and Resort is an eternal and solid proof that there is a place called heaven in a country that is full of thrilling surprises and bewitching tourist attractions, which have never been seen before by those people who refuse to believe that heaven is not hard to find, in the complex and changing face of Mother Earth.

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