Former Optical Media Board chairman Edu Manzano is being bombarded with mysterious death threats from those people who are allegedly accusing him of being a catalytic figure in the suspension of Ronnie Ricketts as the current chair of OMB. These alarming death threats were officially posted by Edu on his Twitter account. Previously, Ricketts was lawfully suspended because of his alleged negligence of duty in relation to the post-raid operations against Sky High Marketing Corporation almost four years ago. As of this writing, Ricketts and his co-accused are all facing criminal charges because of their alleged violations of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act Going back, Manzano said that he has nothing to do with the suspension issue of Ronnie Ricketts. To clear his name, Manzano sent a message to all the supposed allies of the beleaguered OMB chairman. Manzano said.

TV host and former OMB chairman Edu Manzano is allegedly receiving death threats.

TV host and former OMB chairman Edu Manzano is allegedly receiving death threats.

To all the Ricketts cronies that are harassing me, I don’t have anything to do with respect to the suspension of your boss. Since 2009, I have not heard any news about OMB. In the first place, the appointment of your superior has already expired. Therefore, he only functions as a holdover capacity.

As of this time, OMB chairman Ronnie Ricketts has yet to comment on this particular issue. However, he is scheduled to appeal the decision of the Ombudsman. To wrap up, Edu Manzano must seek the help of police authorities to ensure his safety and of his beloved beloved family. On the other hand, Ricketts and his co-accused must wholeheartedly accept the decision of the Ombudsman and just wait for the final and executory decision of the anti-graft court and bow him-self in prayer to set him free.

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