Edu Manzano Warns Son about Politics

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Actor and television host, Edu Manzano has warned his eldest son Luis about entering the dirty game of Philippine politics come 2016. The doting father of the younger Manzano says that a politics is a world full of sacrifices, since you are serving the people with all your heart. In other words, politics is no joke. Thus, to run or manage a local government is a personal matter to deal with.

Actor and TV host Edu Manzano warns Luis that politics is not an uphill climb.

Actor and TV host Edu Manzano warns Luis that politics is not an uphill climb.

Therefore, it need to have a hands on approach. Given the chance, Edu wants his son to field in a deserving political candidate instead of becoming one him-self.As far as Luis Manzano is concerned, his intellectual capacities are quite excellent to become a public official. However, his celebrity stature gravely affects his never ending saga with certain parameters of Philippine politics. As far as his mother is concerned, she is the incumbent governor of Lipa City. From then on, she was able to serve her constituents with utmost sincerity, passion and unwavering hard work. This is the main reason why her son wants to follow her most admirable deeds and traits for the love of her own native land.

Indeed, politics is a game of the highest probability. Just in case Luis wins, his shimmering victory will definitely provide the Philippines the best of both worlds without having to say so much. Having public service in his blood is a gift. After all, it is a divine vocation which needs somebody like Luis. In this regard, Edu Manzano must do what it takes to make his son a victor in his own right. On the part of the Filipino people, everyone should be given a fair chance to serve, love and protect their own country.

This is a duty of every citizen. Going back to celebrity politics, this is not just a battle of beauty and charm. Rather, it is a race of selflessness and self-worth. So, these artists should have in mind that one’s name and honor must be secretly embraced with a God fearing soul and image just like the eldest son of Edu Manzano.

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