Pimples as we all are caused by different different factors like hormonal changes, the food that we eat, stress and poor hygiene. As soon as we see them and turn our beautiful faces like pokered clowns in a circus, we carelessly try to pop them out like popcorns and eventually resulting to acne scars. These unwanted scars of acne diminish our self-esteem and confidence in general. To resolve, here are some of the most effective ways in removing those pimple scars for good.

Experts say that ice cube application is one of the best ways to treat acne scars.

Experts say that ice cube application is one of the best ways to treat acne scars.

According to recent studies, some ice will effectively do the job in no time at all. First and foremost, this simple remedy will definitely ease up the swelling and inflammation of your acne by constricting the blood vessels of your skin. Thus, it will help you a lot in shrinking its pores. However, never apply it directly on your skin. It is best to wrap it with a soft cloth. Massage them all over your face for 15 minutes. Rub it in a circular motion and gently press them where your acnes are more evident. Do this every night until you get the desired results.

Next in line is the olive oil. Simply because, it has lots of Vitamin E and moisturizers. By constant application, it will definitely minimize the incidence of acne scarring. To start off, get some small amount, apply it on your face and let it be that way for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse it off. Lastly, acne scars can be effectively treated by the simple application of an apple cider vinegar. A mixture of apple cider has numerous antibacterial properties, malic and lactic acids as well. With these ingredients, they act as natural skin exfoliants. Therefore, it effectively remove some dead skin cells. To do this, dilute some generous amount of apple vinegar in water. Then, soak a clean face cloth. Apply it damp and rinse off after a few minutes.

To achieve your desired just follow these practical and yet safest way get rid of your acne scars without any expensive surgery at all.

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