Keeping your hair healthy is easy with these all simple and ordinary steps. A good diet and good hygiene is a vital part to have that glowing and shiny hair. Here are home care tips to preserve that beautifully long hair. Washing hair too often will drain it with its natural oil and can cause damage.

Shampoo your hair every other day with shampoo that does not contain sulphates and parabens. These chemical contents can cause irritation and eye problems when use often. Use shampoo with natural ingredients and the one that goes well with your hair type. If you have coarse or curly hair use softening and frizz minimizing shampoo; oily hair needs to be washed everyday using a gentle shampoo; color treated hair should be washed with shampoo that contains lots of amino acids; dry hair needs collagen and glycerine to help restore its moisture.  The conditioner that you are going to use should also be dependent on your hair type, length and treatment. It is a must that you condition your hair every time you shampoo; color treated hair needs more attention and care than untreated hair.

Healthy Beautiful Hair

Healthy Beautiful Hair

After washing, let your hair dry naturally. Wrap hair in a cotton shirt, towels made up of fabric are rough and damaging to your hair. It will cause frizzy hair and split ends. Do not brush hair while it is wet, as hair is weak and fragile when damp. Use a wide tooth comb in brushing out tangle while it is wet.

Do not use blow dryer as hair can get heat and be damaged easily. If you must blow dry your hair, blow dry it at least once a week set to the lowest temperature. When you need to shower before sleeping, put your hair up and let it dry overnight. The best way to be free of split ends is to have your hair trim regularly. There are lots of women who do not have split ends because they get their hair regularly trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Dye or color your hair once in a while. Dyeing and treating hair can take the shine and cause damage; take a break from it and see favourable results. Repeated styling can also put strain into your hair. Do not perm, crimp, straighten, curl and bleach repeatedly.

Rubber bands are a no no. Do not use it to style hair because they will cause your hair to tear and rip out of its follicle. Tight pony tails should also be avoided as they can cause damage to the roots and stress out follicles. Simple ponytail or bun will look clean and needs very few hair products. You can even opt to have your hair down or simply put head bands.

Eating healthy foods helps a great deal in keeping your hair at its best condition. Your hair will get the right amount of vitamins; make sure that you eat a balanced diet that is rich in protein and fiber, fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will give a good looking, shiny and glowing locks.

Another important factor in preserving the beauty of your hair , is to remove life’s stressors. Physical and mental stress can cause hair loss. Find some healthy emotional outlets for these stressors. Try biking, meditation, yoga or any other form of exercise that will let you forget these stressors.

Remember that your hair adds beauty to your personality; an extension of your identity, its cut and length shows everyone of who you are, following the above tips for your hair care will keep it healthy and strong.

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