Human vulnerabilities are one of the most inevitable components of temporal existence, which have to be addressed in a positive manner. To conquer your fears in life, might be one of the extreme possibilities that you would presume that can never be done no matter what you do. However, psychologists and medical experts alike have immensely discovered the most viable means to conquer your fears in due time; and perhaps even for the rest of your lifetime. Before anything else, let this interesting website share with you some of the world’s precious thoughts about the immeasurable value of courage.

According to Aristotle, ‚ÄúCourage is the first of all human virtues because it makes all other things possible.” However, it is very unfortunate that in these modern times this characterizing quality of man has been the most senseless areas of positive psychology. To have a clearer understanding, there are some people who have perceived that being brave in everyday life’s situation is just for a selected few. Nevertheless, none of us have come across that there is a wonder drug in our brain that initiates us to conquer our fears without our awareness. Accordingly, latest scientific marvels have remarkably revealed that this particular and unbelievable distinction of man comes from a specific region in his brain that is scientifically referred to as subgenual anterior cingulate cortex or (sgACC).

Fears are irrational affective states that can be conquered in many ways.

Fears are irrational affective states that can be successfully conquered in many ways.

The subgenual anterior cingulate cortex is the ultimate catalytic force in a human brain which pushes or motivates people to do impossible and courageous deeds that they have never done before. Likewise, it was medically proven that this significant part of the Central Nervous System can even cure anxiety disorders to some extent. Now, how can you conquer your fears in the first place? Below, are the easy to follow steps for you to remember and practice religiously; until you have totally gotten rid of your unwanted and baseless fears that negatively hamper your healthy psychological adjustments for a better and productive lifestyle.

Steps On How To Conquer Your Fears

Although it might take sometime to conquer your fears, there is no such thing as a hopeless case. After all, we are completely equipped by God on how to be strong in the face of adversities because these situations are only temporary and fleeting to make our own beings more resilient and innovative, in terms of solving these conflicts right before us with a smile and positive outlook. Based on scientific studies, you will be able to conquer your fears if you will be able to possess these traits without overdoing them.

  1. Learn and master some courageous acts.
  2. Gain a lot of understanding from your own inhibitions and fears. Do some death defying acts that will release the tensions in you. Like for instance, rapelling, mountain climbing and all other similar activities that can greatly make you an awesome conqueror of those negative polarities in and around your wonderful personality.

  3. Develop an attitude of optimism.
  4. Think positive, that you can overcome your fears through your initiative. In other words, if stressful situations hound you from time to time simply tell yourself that God is with you and those unpleasant thoughts have no room in your heart and soul. Meditate and read some passages in the Bible in relation to what you are experiencing at the moment.

  5. Analyze where your fears and apprehensions are coming from.
  6. It is an advantage on your part if you are going to personally figure out the triggering causes of your dubious feelings of restlessness and stress. Then. summarize them into a piece of paper. Last but not the least, write the corresponding solutions to these unhealthy feelings within you.

  7. Face squarely your fears every step of the way.
  8. In psychology, this is frequently known as “systematic desensitization”. To explain, every person has to befriend those stimuli that cause them to tremble now and then. Of course, this might sound absurd and illogical but it’s true. There is no best way to conquer your fears but to make use of your mind power to make your fears only things of the past. To begin with, you must be able to touch and feel the said object or event as if you are a super hero.

  9. Do some light to strenuous physical exercises.
  10. Physical preparedness is a primal requisite to conquer your fears for good. It is due to the fact that your body’s perfect metabolism, will be able to regulate all those substances inside your brain that consciously cause you to have phobic reactions without any medical explanation.

To end, these effective and time-tested coping mechanisms to conquer your fears do not need special skills for you to do these techniques with ease in the future. Hence, always think about that apprehensions are not inherent parts of your personality because God will keep you safe and sound each day in His loving and powerful presence, without end.

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