A beautiful and lustrous hair could be a disaster, if it gets a parasitic related problem known as hair lice. To describe, it has the same size of a sesame seed. It is a type of parasite which is too difficult to see. More so, its nits are tightly glued onto a human scalp.

Hair lice spreads rapidly through a direct contact with its carrier.

Hair lice spreads rapidly through a direct contact with its carrier.

Also, it was found out that it cannot survive for a couple of days because of the temperature of a human head. However, louse remain to be alive for several hours through its own unique method of submersion. This is the main reason why, it cannot be killed by shower alone. As far as its manner of transmission is concerned, it can easily spread through a direct head contact with a carrier. It was scientifically proven by a Harvard entomologist in the person of Dr. Richard Pollak. Treatment wise, there are many ways in treating your hair lice. First you have to buy a shampoo which actively contains pediculicides (derived from chrysanthemums. All you need to do is to apply it your hair. Best of all, it is highly recommended to check the hair of each family member and treat them the soonest. In our own homes, we should wash those beddings which were used by a hair lice carrier. Then, put them in a dryer for about a few minutes before you keep it inside your cabinet. In addition, if it is still there all you need to do is to consult a doctor if your child or family member is being infested with hair louse. Aside from these aforementioned modes of treatment, you are to regain your beautiful hair once again if you are to try a prescriptive brand which has a remarkable ingredient which is scientifically termed as spinosad. This is a type of an insecticide which is extracted from a soil’s bacteria. Purposely, it is used for controlling fleas and it must be orally taken. According to agriculturists, spinosad it is utilized in an organic agriculture. Innovatively, hair lice can be effectively killed by using an electronic kind of comb.

Commonly, a lice comb must be used everyday. Likewise, you can treat them as well by the mere application of coconut oil. Use 20 drops of essential oils and simply add it to your coconut oil. Always have in mind to that you have to make sure that you will always rinse your hair very carefully when you are taking bath. In the same manner, make certain that you are using your own comb and brush. Last but not the least, never dare to use the towel of other people to avoid the rapid spread of hair lice.

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