A genius Pinoy teen has done so much in the explorative world of scientific innovation. Unbelievably, this new Albert Einstein of the Philippines has already done some outrageous inventions since he was four years old. Now, here comes Angelo Casimiro’s electric-generating shoes. This young and brilliant inventor calls his new scientific creation as the Power Walk. Actually, this magnificent innovation of his excellently depends on an insole generator which can conveniently fit any sneaker of your choice.

Filipino inventor Angelo Casimiro is the brilliant mind, behind Power Walk.

Filipino inventor Angelo Casimiro is the brilliant mind, behind Power Walk.

Would you believe that this astonishing invention of this small but terrible Pinoy wonder can charge any device that you have? These include the following: smartphones, your portable and handheld computer games and the likes. Moreover, the electrifying Power Walk is his newest entry to the 2014 Google Science Fair. Astonishingly, these enchanting and magical power shoes can efficiently provide electricity to remote or far-flung villages anywhere in the country.

Best of all, the electric-generating shoes possess the adorable quality of being versatile in its strictest sense. For instance, this so ideal for smart clothing and smart apparels which can be seamlessly synchronized with your smartwatch if you have any.

Indeed, it is heartwarming to know that there are electric-generated shoes that can make our charging needs a lot easier most specially when we are engaging our-selves in several outdoor activities. Kudos! Angelo for a job well done.

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  1. angelo cole says:

    this invention caught my attention! May I know how it was built?

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