Elephants and their Amazing Weather Radar

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Animals are sometimes well-endowed than humans in terms of paranormal abilities or sixth sense. Just recently, there is a scientific finding which says that elephants can accurately detect if its raining as far as 150 miles and they can incredibly adjust their much needed migratory patterns whenever necessary. This was according to the research experiments from the Texas A&M University, the University of Utah, the University of Virginia and the University of New South Wales, Australia. After which, they have indeed proven that these animals have their unique and interesting weather radars. As far as the researchers are concerned, they have found out that these animals can adapt to certain environment with ease. To further explain this, experts have said.

Herd of Elephants

This herd of elephants can incredibly hear rainstorms as far as 150 miles from their migratory locations.

Our study suggests that the elephants are responding to a common environmental signal. The change in their movements occurs well before — from days to weeks — of any rain in the elephants’ current location

Along this line, there’s still an intriguing question to address. Can these elephants hear those rainstorms with an unquestionable accuracy? Based on their findings, these migratory creatures do sometimes change their migratory routes for no apparent reasons at all. As such, experts have surmised that perhaps it has something to do with rainfall. To date, these scientists have implanted some GPRS devices on some of these animals which have come from different herds. Then, their movements were recorded for seven long years. Now, for them to get at the bottom line of their scientific studies and explorations they have utilized the most sophisticated satellite record data to track rainfall patterns in the humble ranges of these gigantic animals. In conclusion, they have exceptionally concluded the fact that these animals change their directions to move towards a distant location where rainfall will occur. But there’s one shocking revelations with respect to these animals. Scientists have strangely discovered that

With the GPS device attached to them, we learned that the elephants can detect thunderstorms at great distances.

Despite of these remarkable capabilities of these animals, they are still clueless as to how they were able to do those worth knowing things without any inch of difficulty. In a statement, they unanimously said.

We don’t know if they can actually hear the thunder or if they are detecting other low-frequency sounds generated by the storms that humans can’t hear.


R]ain-system generated infrasound, which can travel great distances and be detected by elephants, is a possible trigger for changes in their migration patterns.

Perhaps, their marvelous auditory ability is their defense against those illegal hunters that terribly triggered their sudden extinction in the last 10 years because they were deliberately killed by humans. Imagine this. In between those years of 2012 and 2013, there were about 35,000 elephants which were mercilessly killed. Central America has gravely lost almost 60 percent of these animals in the last 10 years.

In the final analysis, we must all conserve these magnificent elephants because they could be our superheroes in the next few years against the strongest calamities ever to hit our Mother Planet.


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