Death makes us weep and mourn. But, if we are very much certain that God will gladly welcome us in His heavenly kingdom it would be one of the sweetest days that we would be longing to happen anytime without fear. Just recently, actress Elizabeth Pena, died of natural causes according to reports. Thus, many of her friends were stunned with the passing of a great actress after having an illness which had remained to be undisclosed as of this writing.

Actress Elizabeth Pena dies at 55.

Actress Elizabeth Pena dies at 55.

At the height of her popularity, she played several roles which made millions love her without any strings attached. Among her memorable projects were as follows: Her mother role in the show Modern Family. Meanwhile, she will be best remembered as an impeccable artist who was not too choosy of the roles being assigned to her. To date, what matters for her was she did justice to every role assignment that she used to do. During her 30- year reign in international showbiz, she had other timeless characters which remarkably proved her inherent versatility without getting exaggerated. In the same manner, these movies had made her shine even more. These were collectively remembered in the following order: Down and Out in Beverly Hills, La Bamba, Rush Hour and The Incredibles.. In addition, she was last seen in the phenomenal drama series, Matador. In one of the rare interviews with actor Lou Diamond Phillips, he said about Pena’s death.

I am stunned and heartbroken, just found out about the passing of my friend Elizabeth Peña. She was such a Life Force it’s hard to believe. Elizabeth was not only an amazing actress, she was one of the most vibrant, wonderful people I have ever known.

Elizabeth Pena was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 1977, she was one of the proud graduates of New York’s High School of Performing Arts. As a person, her passionate love for the arts was extremely evident because her father was a certified playwright, an actor, a director and a novelist by profession. Since acting was in her bloodline, she was first introduced in the film El Super in 1979. However, her biggest break came along in the early ’80s. Most of these films were comedy oriented. During her prime, she was bestowed upon two prestigious awards. These were the Independent Spirit and Bravo Awards. This was for the film Lone Star. Pena was more than actress. To prove, she became a fascinating voice over for the character of Mirage.

Ultimately, Elizabeth Pena perceives acting as a part of society’s history and culture. Therefore, she once said to a reliable source that

I crossed the border a whole bunch to collect a lot of history. I would sit for hours looking at the women, how they dressed. I talked to people. I hung out. I shopped at the stores to see what kind of clothing was there and what food was eaten.

The industry had lost a drama and comedy icon, who had done so much to be able to uplift the real essence of artistic excellence.

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