Filipina celebrity Ellen Adarna is perhaps in a state of bewilderment when her nude photos leaked in the complex medium of cyberspace. According to the management and staff of Esquire Philippines. they have nothing to do with the alleged leakage of those sexy and hot photos of the sultry Ellen Adarna. In a statement, Esquire Philippines have clearly disclosed.

Esquire Philippines and Summit Media condemn the unauthorized distribution of photographs of Ellen Adarna that were originally taken from a shoot the magazine had staged for its April 2014 edition. She had agreed to be featured in Esquire Philippines with the understanding that no nude photographs taken of her then would be published or disseminated. The recent circulation of such sensitive photos without her (or our) knowledge or consent is in blatant violation of her privacy, and her right to dignity. We share her outrage; we are deeply angry; we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal action.

Sultry Filipina model Ellen Adarna was exclusively photographed by Esquire Philippines in nude.

Sultry Filipina model Ellen Adarna was exclusively photographed by Esquire Philippines in nude.

Meanwhile, the exclusive and topless photographs of Adarna were taken by veteran photographer Jake Versoza and these were never used by the magazine itself. Most importantly, they had never been in the possession of the most popular magazine. Thus, Esquire further revealed.

The images we did use from the shoot were treated to make sure any sensitive areas were artfully covered or obscured, as had been the agreement.

It is apparent as well to Esquire magazine that its own rights, as well as that of photographer Jake Versoza, have been infringed. We will take the proper measured action to protect its rights. Most importantly, we urge all not to participate in the dissemination of sensitive images that were not intended for public by the one person whose rights and dignity above all else’s should be respected at this time.

Ellen Adarna’s photos were taken last April. These have two versions: One of which had an intriguing caption which goes like this. The Gospel of Ellen Adarna.

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