Facebook should now make things even better insofar as their system’s effectiveness is concerned. Now, that Ello is trying its best to be in the competitive world of social media it would definitely be a David and Goliath sort of battle. The mysterious social network had a couple of sign ups in July, just a few months after its initial launching in March. But it seems like the magic formula of this newest social networking sensation had gone places within just a few months. Just imagine this strategical soar to popularity. Ello’s following has gone twice as huge unexpectedly. In fact, there are already several artists, famous individuals and even the controversial LGBT communities who and which are really engrossed into it with so much passion. To date, the Daily Dot has even reported that this could even signify the final exodus of Facebook.

Ello, the newest social media in town, claims to have a total of 4,000 sign ups per hour.

Ello, the newest social media in town, claims to have a total of 4,000 sign ups per hour.

Meanwhile, the official founder of Ello which is no other than Betabeat has proudly bragged that they have been getting almost 4,000 sign ups each and every hour. People are excitedly tweeting one another to spread the good news. As a backgrounder, Ello is an anachronistic social network that was impeccably designed by Paul Budnitz. He is a certified toymaker, an auto extraordinaire and a bike builder by profession. As far as its major difference is concerned, it has a social site with a manifesto. To use, it empowers Ello and its users to defend them-selves against those sites of the same kind to treat a person like an ordinary product.

In actual reality, Ello’s nature is just like Tumblr and Facebook rolled into one. Moreover, its button and panels are most likely to be sparse with another for a user-friendly social network. Accordingly, it is a breeze if you really wanted to add more friends. All you have to do is just to sort out the categories. These are distinctly divided into Friends or Noise. To extensively differentiate, The Friends category is all about news updates and news feeds. On the other hand, Noise is all about compressing everything so that another user can easily the archive of the other user.

Additionally, most of its users are visual artists and the so-called culture club of coders. Among the salient features of Ello are any of the following: Its menu bar can swiftly recede itself if you want to navigate away from it. Best of all, there are no ads that can be found anywhere. Therefore, the layout and the whole page itself is really appealing and very engaging to look at in terms of their presentation. To be able to establish their primal difference as compared to the longtime predecessors, Budnitz has this to say.

When a network is run for advertisers, the advertiser is really the customer.That really goes against what a social network is. When you’re putting up artwork, or something you wrote or created, and there’s an add for underwear, it conflicts in a violating way.

Ello all started as a private network among those famous and newbie designers and artists. Ultimately, its unwavering commitment to its users is to provide a healthy social network which does not allow the concealing of a particular identity just for the sake of self-expression.

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