Everyone has the right and privilege to explore another colorful and interesting horizon, that will reveal the uniqueness of a person’s genial identity to the fullest. Ely Buendia, the former lead vocalist of “Eraserheads” made his exceptional directorial debut in a mesmerizing drama anthology which mainly centers on Filipino culture and the vicious cycles of violence in his very own Motherland. Ely Buendia shines in another field of Philippine Visual Arts in the trilogy “Bang Bang Alley”. In the first episode of his first directorial job, Ely Buendia had chosen Miss Maegan Young, a Filipina beauty titleholder to play the lead role. The first sequel of the controversial flick “Bang Bang Alley” has a a very catchy title, “Pusakal”. In its English translation, “Pusakal” means a wayward in a society.

Ely Buendia, the former lead vocalist of "Eraserheads" shines anew as a director "Bang-Bang Alley".

Ely Buendia, the former lead vocalist of “Eraserheads” shines anew as a director “Bang-Bang Alley”.

In its overview, “Pusakal” chronicles is the story of a rich young woman who becomes depressed after accidentally killing the beau of her sister. As a result, she wants to escape their loving hometown in Benguet Province. In her search for peace, she accidentally met an old woman who happens to be a rebel during the darkest years of the Marcos dictatorship. Incidentally, the dynamic and straightforward prologue of Ely Buendia’s cinematic masterpiece makes the newbie meg man to be proud of himself as a Filipino. Aside from Megan Young, Ely Buendia has harmoniously jived with comedian Jimmy Santos. He plays the role of an aging personal bodyguard who goes berserk whenever he hears someone humming the popular videoke tune, “My Way”.

Just like any other new director, Ely Buendia has a cameo role in his very own self-directed movie. This particular chapter of Buendia’s dramatic three-part sequel is entitled, “Haunted”. On the other hand, the two other much awaited parts of “Bang Bang Alley” are “Makina”(a machine) and “Aso’t, Pusa’t, Daga which means ( Dog, cat and rat). These intriguing trilogy chapters were directed by King Palisoc and Yan Yuzon respectively.

The eye-opening drama sequel “Bang Bang Alley” by Ely Buendia, will soon conquer the silver screen on April 9, 2014. Undoubtedly, Ely Buendia will be another Brillante Mendoza in the making, considering the fact that his knack for human creativity is really something that every Filipino should be proud of.

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