Scientists and medical experts are still having a hard time in finding the most potent cure for the Ebola virus, but it looks that they are heading for an uphill climb with the newest discovery of a new virus that seems to be more dangerous than the dreaded Ebola. Today, research studies are eagerly introspecting the nature and causes of the so-called Enterovirus. According to reports of variou news wires around the world, the enterovirus is most likely to affect children most specially during summertime. Statistically, it had significantly revealed that there were 10 to 15 million infections which had taken place on a yearly basis.

An enterovirus D68 patient is being given an intensive medical care.

An enterovirus D68 patient is being given an intensive medical care.

These occurrences happened in the United States alone. Just recently, Enterovirus D68 had gotten deadly than it was before after it had resulted to an unprecedented hospital confinements this year. Thus, it was also found out the most common victims were those people who had asthmas and other respiratory illnesses. Last Wednesday, there were a total of 500 persons in almost 42 states who were diagnosed to have been afflicted with the said mystifying virus in no time. Among its casualties was a 10-year old girl named Emily Otrando, from Rhode Island. She unfortunately died last September 22, 2014.

Furthermore, Dr. Michael Fine, Rhode Island’s Department of Health had told a group of reporters that the cause of the child’s death was staphylococcus aureus sepsis. To define, this is a type of bacteria which is said to be resistant to antibiotics. On the other hand, sepsis is described as an illness which affects all body parts as a result of an infection. First and foremost, a victim looks healthy after its onset but it kills the person instantly within a 24-hour period. In essence, Fine says.

Cultures also showed the presence of enterovirus D68. A victim who was otherwise healthy, experienced shortness of breath and really by the time she got to the hospital, everything fell apart very quickly within 24 hours.

Scientific studies have significantly shown that Enterovirus D68 can also be closely associated with the occurrence of other neurological disorders in the long run. Consequently, there were about 10 children who have found to weaknesses of limbs, cranial nerve dysfunctions and even some pertinent abnormalities in the gray matter in the spine. Worst of all, it can cause pneumonia and blood poisoning. As far as as its preventive measures are concerned, parents and adults alike should make sure that their hands are carefully washed every single day. Use warm water and soap in doing so. Frequency does not matter at all. Ideally, you must wash your hands for at least five to six times a day. In addition, always make it certain that you will avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands. Lastly, take your asthma medications as prescribed.

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