Epy Quizon: Our Mourning is Over

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Every rainbow brings another brand new day. This seems to be the right conclusion for comedy actor Epy Quizon after the untimely demise of their father the late Comedy King, Dolphy. According to Epy, they will joyfully celebrate the glorious and colorful existence of their dad instead of reminiscing the melancholic days of their lives; during that fateful day when he had suffered so much in a privately-owned hospital until the Lord has happily called him home. Epi said,

I can’t believe it has been two years. Put it this way, the family has moved on. It’s just that the family miss him, really miss him, I don’t think it will ever stop. It never goes away but you know at least now, this year we want to celebrate. We are not mourning anymore, we are just celebrating his life. So we lined up series of events.

Actor Epy Quizon says that their moments of grief are finally over.

Actor Epy Quizon says that their moments of grief are finally over.

In line with Dolphy’s birthday, Epy said that they will be having a fun run entitled, Dolphy’s Run and Walk. This will be momentously held on the 20th day of July 2014. More so, there will be a memorable activity that is dubbed as the One Pink Day. This was duly organized by the LGBT community at the Quezon City Hall of the Philippines. This particular heartwarming activity pays tribute and homage to the different gay roles which had been amusingly portrayed by Dolphy during his heydays. Specifically, this is a once in a lifetime exhibit of all the costumes and the things that he had used to make these challenging roles even more realistic.

Meanwhile, on July 25 the Quizon siblings will hold a mini concert at the Marikina Sports Complex which is simply entitled, as Dolphy’s Night. This is where some members of the Quizon clan will have their own repertoire which will always be remembered of what Pidol used to do onstage, movie and in the funny and adventurous world of television. Dolphy’s former longtime partner will grace the occasion, too. In addition, their other showbiz friends will joyfully celebrate the inspiring life and times of the one and only Comedy King of Philippine Showbiz.

Truly, Epy Quizon and the rest of his family has definitely moved on with the fruitful death of a comedy icon that will never be forgotten by millions of people worldwide.

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