An equation makes life easier as many of us say. But how does it make a difference in our temporal existence? Let us all discover the interesting fact and the corresponding answer if there is such a thing like an equation of happiness. Accordingly, those brilliant scientists from University College London are deeply seeking for an exceptional formula on how to easily calculate the emotions of people most specially if they are feeling elated. The mere importance of it and what drives us to feel that way must first begin with the universal understanding of being happy.

Equation of happiness= expectations which are met more than we desire.

Equation of happiness= expectations which are met more than we desire.

Based on the conclusive findings which were scientifically documented and published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences human expectations are one of the most essential facets in the so-called equation of happiness. Generally, it was found out that every person is happy if his or her personal wants and desires are met more than what he or she is looking forward to. In a more explicit explanation, experts have said.

Conscious emotional feelings, such as momentary happiness, are core to the ebb and flow of human mental experience. Our computational model suggests momentary happiness is a state that reflects not how well things are going but instead whether things are going better than expected. This includes positive and negative expectations, even in the absence of outcomes.

Most importantly, the equation of being happy is not financially driven all the time. Instead, it is cohabitates the manner of how you do things in your life. Likewise, another prolific researcher has found out that we must not be afraid to show and face our own emotions. This was the conclusion of Robb Rutledge, lead study author and a neuroscientist at University College London in the United Kingdom. On his part, he has this to say.

Happiness and sadness are part of being human. Happiness depends not on how well things are going, but whether they are going better or worse than expected. That means that happiness may be useful for telling us whether to change what we’re doing. If we’re more unhappy than usual, maybe sometimes that means we should try something different. If we’re happy, maybe that means we’re doing the right thing.

Along this juncture, these scientific findings are very much true. As such, there is no better way to clearly explain the equation of happiness but to do what is right each day. We must in the same way help other people most particularly those who are in need. We all want to achieve the perfect equation of happiness, right? Let’s start it within us by accepting our-selves without any condition.


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