The previously fierce and defiant former governor of Laguna ER Ejercito, finally leaves the Provincial Capitol of Laguna as his uncle, incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada was able to convince the beleaguered governor to humbly abide by the decision of the Commission on Elections to avoid instability and bloodshed in the said province. Ejercito was found guilty on the grounds of overspending. According to ER, he will quietly leave the capitol for the sake of peace; until he is patiently waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court as regards to the Temporary Restraining Order that he had filed. In defense of his nephew’s present predicament, the former president of the Philippines had said.

Former Laguna governor ER Ejercito vacates the Provincial Capitol in the name of peace.

Former Laguna governor ER Ejercito vacates the Provincial Capitol in the name of peace.

From the lowest political position in the government going to the highest ones, politicians are overspending in the campaign.

When a leading media outfit asked Manila Mayor Estrada as to how he was able to convince the younger Ejercito, he replied.

I explained to him very clearly. I have set myself as a living example. I told him that if he won’t step down, there might be some occurrences of accidents. Remember that every life is dear to us.

Thus, he said ER Ejercito can comeback after two years if the the Supreme Court will decide otherwise. To strengthen and boost the moral of ER, he said.

For as long as the voice of the people belongs to you, the voice of the people is the voice of God.

On the part of ER Ejercito, he assured the people of Laguna by saying these tearful words of goodbye.

Do not worry Lagunenos. Though I’m not in the said position today, I will be your governor forever. Wait for the eagle’s return.

ER Ejercito, the former governor of Laguna is a man of few words. But his legacies will eternally remain in the hearts and soul of his most revered constituents.

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