According to the Manila Police District (MPD), murder and frustrated charges have been filed against the son of the ErgoCha Milk Tea Shop owner, Lloyd Abrigo following last month’s poisoning incident that killed two people, including the suspect’s father, William Abrigo. He is now facing two counts of murder and frustrated murder, filed before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

ErgoCha Tea House Incident

ErgoCha shop owner’s son, Lloyd Abrigo is now facing two counts of murder and frustrated murder, filed before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

ErgoCha Milk Tea Incident Update. Lloyd Abrigo’s father William and customer Suzaine Dagohoy died on April 9, minutes after drinking Hokkaido-flavored milk tea. Dagohoy and her boyfriend, Arnold Aydalla, ordered milk tea from William, who made the drink himself. Aydalla tasted the drink and vomited, prompting Dagohoy to taste it. She immediately felt ill. Worried, William tasted the milk tea for himself. In five minutes, both Abrigo and Dagohoy fainted. Aydalla experienced dizziness.

All three were rushed to the Ospital ng Sampaloc, but Dagohoy and William were declared dead on arrival, while Aydalla survived.

Three sources said MPD investigators filed the case against Lloyd Abrigo after the Philippine National Police, which conducted a second autopsy on William and Dagohoy, found poison in the victims’ remains.

One of the sources said the poison was a type of acid, an Oxalic Acid. It is an organic compound with the formula H₂C₂O₄. It is a colorless crystalline solid that forms a colorless solution in water. It is classified as a dicarboxylic acid. Excessive ingestion of oxalic acid or prolonged skin contact can be dangerous.

Lloyd Abrigo earlier denied the allegation of their helper that he brought a chemical to the store the night before the alleged poisoning happened. He claimed that he only mixed oolong tea in the beverage and that the only thing he asked from their helper was tap water.

Helper Raymundo Santos (not his real name) said, the shop owner’s son brought a foul-smelling liquid to ErgoCha’s kitchen the night before the deaths of William and Dagohoy. It was the second time that Lloyd allegedly brought something that smelled of bleach to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Police said the testimony of another helper identified as Ayee Alejandro strengthen the case against Abrigo.

The MPD said Alejandro confirmed Santos’ statement that after William and Dagohoy were rushed to the hospital, Abrigo ordered Santos to go back to the store and clean the pitcher that contained the milk tea. Based on closed-circuit television footage, Abrigo and Santos went back to the hospital at past noon as William was fighting for his life in the hospital.

When asked why murder charges were filed against Abrigo, a source, who is knowledgeable to the filing of the case said, “Because you’re not supposed to mix poison with food”.

The younger Abrigo earlier denied the allegations that he brought a foul-smelling liquid into the store before the incident. He together with his mother believe what happened was a case of sabotage.

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