No one is really above the law, when fate and destiny intervenes. This was how a crime suspect like Eric Frein can be best described when he was captured by police authorities after he was accused of killing a cop. Those marshals who were heavily armed had successfully captured him last Thursday and he was immediately turned over him over to the state police who had somewhat gone aggressive towards Frein. In defense, a personnel from the said state police station had said, We just thought it was fitting.

Eric Frein falls in the hands of authorities last Thursday.

Eric Frein falls in the hands of authorities last Thursday.

In retrospect, Eric Frein was charged of a first degree murder and other similar offenses which had been connected to an ambush last September 12, 2014. The said tragic incident had happened just outside the police state barracks in a place called Blooming Grove. He was alleged to have killed Cpl. Bryon Dickson and the same time wounding another victim who goes by the name of Trooper Alex T. Douglass prior to their meeting along the thick woods of Pennsylvania. Before his capture, the determined and strong willed cops were very much anxious to have a one-on-one encounter with Frein who had a history cop hatred in the last couple of years. During the intensive manhunt, there was some sort of a reward money amounting to $10 million according to county prosecutors.

Compositely, the squad was composed of 13 US squad marshals. They were similar to that of a military operations squad. They had found him in an abandoned airport near Tannersville, Pennsylvania. He was discovered in a routine sweep through the woods. This was revealed by State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens. The good news behind this was he never had a weapon during his much awaited arrest. Like a gentle and meek sheep, he simply followed the orders of the arresting officers. When Frein appeared before a judicial court the next day, he had sustained some slight injuries like a cut nose, abrasions and swollen cheeks.

In addition to this, his voice was really clear and loud enough when he uttered the words Yes, I do, in response to a court question. His court hearing had lasted about 10 minutes and he was escorted by almost thirty policemen inside the courtroom. In other developments, Atty. Tonkin will eventually seek a death penalty for the accused. As of this writing, the motive behind the murder was still unknown. However, in some of his exclusive statements, he had somehow admitted which would directly implicate him on some shooting incidents. But, these deliberate admissions of the accused have yet to be investigated during the entire course of the Eric Frein court trial.

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