Ace Filipina director Eric Quizon is very supportive to Zsa Zsa Padilla’s lovelife without reservations. In fact, he will even attend her wedding when the right time comes. According to Direk Eric, he wishes her would be stepmom the best of both worlds because Zsa Zsa had given so much of her-self during those years that the King of Comedy had become gravely ill. Also, Quizon revealed that Padilla and him are the best of friends. Furthermore, Eric Quizon says,

We all have our lives, we all have to move on. Whatever she does, she has the support of the whole family. For that, we were very happy that she was and always will be a part of the Quizon family.

Ace director Eric Quizon has no time for love yet.

Ace director Eric Quizon has no time for love yet.

Indeed, Eric Quizon is a good natured man. He has an open mind that makes use of a rational kind of reasoning that nobody can contest.

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