The interesting and profound culture of the Filipinos, has made it so much bewildering in so many ways that it has sometimes gone overboard with the evolving realities of daily life. In the Philippines, there are many types of esoteric knowledge and phenomena that made this sovereign country in Southeast Asia, more mysterious and intriguing than ever before. This very engrossing article would like to take a at look at palm reading in a different light without using the said part of the human body. First and foremost, the conventional art in this kind of extraordinary ability requires a particular palm reader to possess the wisdom of critically analyzing the distinctive lines of a person’s palm in order to do some kind of a fortune telling stuff. Likewise, the mere presence of a crystal ball is sometimes badly needed to ensure that the element of accuracy will never ever escape the eyes and mind of an eager client.

Palm Reading

In the picture is the stereotyped approach and palm reading in which most Filipinos are so much crazy about.

In this regard, the esoteric spectrum of palm reading has dawned into a new breed of sophistication and mystery at that. This all came about when a friend of mine accidentally met Sister Yolly a Filipina divine healer and entrepreneur by profession. To my friend’s astonishment, she was able to read her future by simply looking into my friend’s intimate details without any question. She only required her to write her full and real name as well as her birthday. After doing what she had instructed my friend, Jella handed her that particular piece of paper. As the minutes and seconds tickled away, she started to divulge her past and optimistic vibes of her future; like an incessant chatterbox. To share with you some of Sister Yolly’s much anticipated predictions, read on these succeeding series of events.

This chubby and long-haired businesswoman sincerely said to my best buddy that she will be having a tedious but rewarding job in one of the most prestigious shipping companies in the Philippines. But she would get married at the same time. However, Jella opted not to believe her at first because she was not even committed to someone at that time. Therefore, when she told her that she was very much single The lady Pinoy healer only smiled at her and continued. “You will meet him very soon”. Although she did not personally believe in palm reading, the first thing that came to her mind was “How could she possibly do it?” God gave Jella the most surprising answer on July 4, 1990.

On that fateful day, she got a call from a cruise liner and asked her for a job interview. Her heart leaped a beat when the interviewer asked her several questions which rattled her brain to the highest level. To cut short, she successfully passed the intellectual ordeal with flying colors. Speaking of Jella’s personal life, she had luckily met her future beau on board. He is a ship captain. Currently, she is blissfully married to the man of her dreams with two healthy kids.

Up to this very day, she had never seen Sister Yolly again. But if she happens to read this, she knows for a fact that she is so much delighted because her mind boggling palm reading prediction gladly came true in God’s sweetest time.


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