Eula Caballero Makes a Major Career Leap

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A versatile and a glamorous actress has to take her craft to greater heights to make her shimmering brilliance to last for a lifetime on and off cam. The beauteous and sexy Filipina actress, Eula Caballero will try to bank on comedy roles this year. In fact, she is one of the leading mainstays of TV5’s newest sitcom entitled, One of the Boys. With this exciting development on her showbiz career, Eula does not have to worry about anything because Joey de Leon, a veteran comedy guru of Philippine Cinema serves as her doting mentor in the newest field that she wants to eagerly explore.

Eula Caballeo tries to become a comedienne on TV5's latest sitcom.

Eula Caballeo tries to become a comedienne on TV5’s latest sitcom.

During a candid interview, Eula Caballero has said that the famous Filipino painter, journalist and comedian had sincerely advised her to do everything as if they are only playing games during taping sessions. No pressures, just pure fun. Moreover, she divulged that de Leon taught her the easiest ways on how to memorize scripts.

Speaking of her new role in One of the Boys, she says that it really matches her happy persona. On the other hand, Eula was really nervous about the initial airing of her latest project on TV5. This was due to her apprehensions that viewers might not like her new portrayal.

Finally, Eula Caballero can proudly say to the world that she was born to become one of the most bankable artists of her time.

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