Everyday Essentials that Pose Dangers to Our Health

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In our busy and active lifestyle, there are different human essentials that we cannot live without for human survival. Some of which are as follows: Popcorn, wallet, deodorant and canned goods. Since the colorful beginning of of human evolution, these things have made our fast paced lives more convenient. According to scientific findings, those chemically-induced deodorizers are polluting the air even more.

These also endangers our ozone layer through the Chlorofluorocarbon content of those air-fresheners that we presumably thought of as one of the best ways to remove odors and bacteria in and around our humble homes. To save Mother Earth from further destructions, you just have the need to use some eco-friendly ornaments such as houseplants. It is surprising to note that water can pose health risks to our body. It has an ingredient as hydrogen monoxide. However, it is not really dangerous in the real sense of the word. Also plastic containers with number codes such as 3, 6 and 7 have found out to contain BPA which affects our immune system in many ways.

These refreshing houseplants are human essentials that deodorize our homes.

These refreshing houseplants are human essentials that deodorize our homes.

Our favourite popcorns for snack have sharp kernels that can cause many oral infections in the long run. Furthermore, if you chew some ice as one of your health essentials endangers your dental health. Did you know that our huge TV screens and computer monitors are dangerous to our heath as well? These human essentials threaten our postures by causing spinal problems and chronic back pains if left untreated. To resolve, you need to have a short walk in between your tedious work. Interestingly, coin purses can cause neck pains. Therefore, you must limit the contents of your purse to less than five pounds.

Last but not the least, if you have accidentally seated on your wallet it can cause harm to your muscles and spines. Having known these health essentials that threaten our health will make us aware of the fact that nothing in this world is made perfect.

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