Former lead dancer of Sexbomb Dancers Rochelle Pangilinan, has nervously done the most daring pose in her entire career when she agreed to do some sensational photos for FHM Magazine, in its July 2014 issue. In the said sexy and titillating cover photo, Pangilinan was almost nude while she was in a slumping position to conceal her almost uncovered body. This particular issue of FHM was launched last Friday. It was her biggest FHM comeback ever and it was proudly done by Doc Marlon Pecjo.

Rochelle Pangilinan, an ex-Sexbomb dancer poses for FHM'S July 2014 issue.

Rochelle Pangilinan, an ex-Sexbomb dancer poses for FHM’S July 2014 issue.

According to Rochelle Pangilinan, its a totally different matter when you are actually doing this kind of thing as compared to you are only visually appreciating this magnificent and yet intriguing work of art. She also said that although there were a few people inside the room where this awesome photo shoot was held, her nervousness was inexpressible at that time. Until now, she can still feel the quivering coldness in her hands.

Conclusively, Rochelle Pangilinan has exceptionally fulfilled what it takes to be in the limelight. Most of the time, popular celebrities have to pay the highest price to become the center of attraction.

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