Sleep is an essential health regimen that makes us healthy and fully functional again for the rest of the day. It is the best way to repair our body cells, Central Nervous System and all other pertinent physiological mechanisms inside our body that will superbly provide us with adequate strength and agility that will replenish all the used up and much needed energy; that we cannot get from the food that we eat everyday. Medically, sleep has been regarded by doctors as the best and remarkable antidote against stress and those debilitating illnesses that might overtook us as we age through the years. But, there are recent studies which showed a significant reversal of the facts that we have previously known since time immemorial because an extra sleep seems to be unhealthy.

New scientific studies say that an extra sleep is not healthy.

New scientific studies say that an extra sleep is not healthy.

An extra sleep according to Dr. Michael J. Breus, PhD. has these positive and negative repercussions. First, if you have slept more than the usual it only means that you’re too tired. Logically, this is correct. But, little did we know that if we continue to increase the amount of rest that we normally need everyday, we tend to destroy the rhythm of our body in general. Therefore, it does not make our being as healthier than it was before.

Based on their scientific researches, the human body must only have an approximate sleep cycle of 90 minutes long each day. Exceeding that cycle might cause us to become more lethargic. In summary, the most important thing to remember when sleeping is the quality and not the quantity itself. So, try to do this simple technique to determine if you were able to have the quality of sleep that you badly need. Here’s how you should do it. After you have waken up in the morning, try to count backwards using the 7-5 pattern. In so doing, you will be able to check if you had a good night sleep.

Although this scientific explanation seems to be too complicated to grasp, it is good to know that an extra sleep is also an unhealthy habit to do. Truly, everything has to be done in utmost moderation.

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