A simple routine exercise like running can do a lot in terms of improving our blood circulation, heartbeat rate and most importantly, it develops and strengthens our muscles to be able to achieve the peak of our overall wellness without spending so much. Surprisingly, this short item caught my attention while reading its context in a gist. It says that extreme running shortens our life expectancy without our knowing. In fact, there are some scientific studies which have astonishingly revealed that if we run a lot on a regular basis for at least two to three hours per week we are completely rest assured of a longer life span as compared to those who do the same kind of activity without moderation.

In a recent scientific study, it has said that extreme running shortens one's life span.

In a recent scientific study, it has said that extreme running shortens one’s life span.

Moreover, this latest research findings about running have said that those people who do not subject them-selves to running and those people who run a lot could possibly have shorter life spans as compared to those who call them-selves as moderate runners. On the contrary, some modern day medical experts had completely negated the said theory by further saying this statement.

Our study didn’t find any differences that could explain these longevity differences.

This was the perspective of Dr. Martin Matsumura, who is currently the co-director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Pa. To remarkably prove his contradicting viewpoints, he had brilliantly presented his very own research conclusions before the prestigious men and women of the American College of Cardiology in their annual meeting last Sunday in Washington DC.

In his experiments, the goal driven physician together with his laborious collaborators had used their evaluated data which involved a total of about 3,800 runners from both genders and have a consistent age brackets of 46 which were further categorized as average ages.

These contradicting but relevant scientific studies are somewhat confusing along the way. In essence, the best way to prove the rationality or stupidity of these studies concerning extreme running is to do the said physical activity, with the help and guidance of your doctors. Hence, we must always bear in mind that we should learn how to do anything in utmost moderation.

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