The Blessed Season of Lent is not only an opportunity for me to rest from my extremely tedious job as an online writer. Health wise, it sweetly allows my body to have a much needed respite from the different food that I usually eat everyday. In other words, every time that solemn occasion sets in I always make it a point do some fasting rituals for the sake of my spirituality and overall wellness. When I am doing this ritual, it is indeed important be spiritually prepared.

These Muslims are undergoing a prayer and fasting whenever Ramadan starts.

These Muslims are undergoing a prayer and fasting whenever Ramadan starts.

In my case, I do have a Holy Bible, rosary and most importantly my petitions and repentance for all misgivings that I have committed from the very day that yours truly will be able to make me more vigorous as my body ages in due time. By definition, it is a not easy undertaking since it entails the strong conviction to those things without getting any complications at all. This the complete avoidance of food for about 3-5 days or more. According to health experts, the complete or partial abstinence for food allows our body to rest from these metabolic processes, such as eating a lot. Moreover, my unwanted toxins are excellently detoxified and then it leaves this body of mine healthy and divine at the same time.

The right manner of fasting gives you the freedom to energize yourself when your body can perform lesser functions to keep your body healthy and safe from harm. Additionally, this sacred ritual will make your body, heart and spirit to be in the most vigorous shape very soon. Best of all, fasting provides you with an inexpressible kind of inner peace because at this point time you are not focusing on the material side of life. Truly, fasting is the most versatile way to spiritually happy and contented.

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