The colorful and significant avenues of world history have remarkably embedded many multifarious aspects of universal transformations which are genuinely influential and worth knowing at the same time. These are somehow regarded as the most glaring and monumental socio-cultural frameworks of national identity, cultural assimilation and national development. As such, these magnificent mechanisms of human evolution are being handed down from generation to generation over the years. In the Philippines, the engrossing and appetizing world of food culture has made this glorious country even more distinctive and sophisticated among its neighboring counterparts. Essentially, there are countless of Filipino heroes which have dynamically shaped the course of her fate and destiny; that no one can ever question nor replicate. Aside from their astonishing intellects, these gallant men have their very own unique fancies in life.-Their favorite comfort food. This interesting article will creatively talk about the favorite dishes of Filipino heroes of which you will dearly appreciate and benefit from so enormously. Read on.

Remarkably, the most magnificent and alluring presentation of Dr. Jose Rizal’s most favorite champorado lies in the secret of his very own and exquisite preparation of those rich and flavorful tablea chocolate bars. For those of you out there who are not familiar with these kinds of chocolate, these sweets are exclusively made from high-grade cacao beans to make it more aromatic and flavorful. Apart from these mouthwatering dishes of Filipino heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal cannot live without his sumptuous darling day by day. No, this is not about an alluring woman. But, Pepe finds a serving of sweetened santol as his most delectable food. To date, he was so engaged in making them all by himself; no matter how busy he was in those early times.

A delicious and hot bowl of champorado is the top choice of Dr. Jose Rizal to perk up his day.

A delicious and hot bowl of champorado is the top choice of Dr. Jose Rizal to perk up his day.

Another worth discovering food related anecdote in relation to those favorite dishes of Filipino heroes is all about Gat Andres Bonifacio, the “Supreme Founder of KKK”. To begin with, the most noble characterization of his courageous being can be aptly termed as simple but gyrating. Though we have not met him personally, it is indeed a pleasure to know that his choice of dishes is not lavish nor expensive. What matters most to him is to satisfy both his social and physical pangs of hunger with utmost convenience and pleasure. Therefore, his fantastic liaison with a steamed chicken which was carefully cooked and wrapped in those fresh saha ng saging leaves had made him the “Best Katipunero in the Philippine history.

If you have noticed, these favorite dishes of Filipino heroes do not exhibit any influence of foreign colonialism in its finest and most marvelous cooking methodologies. Perhaps, it is due to the undeniable reality that they were just extremely proud of their exceptional race and genetic breed, despite all the heartbreaking struggles that they had faced and conquered. Similarly, they have successfully triumphed with an absolute framework of faith, confidence and positive dispositions to gloriously achieve what they want for their beloved Motherland.

As for its outrageous generalities, these most memorable dishes of Filipino heroes have dearly inspired the most transcending kind of food culture in the Philippines, that must be mesmerizingly remembered in a nostalgic retrospect. From there, a blossoming culinary uniqueness will soon follow which can harmoniously foster a lasting and effectuating culinary dynamics; that will surely last for a lifetime.

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