FDA Checking for Cyanide at ErgoCha Incident

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FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has begun testing samples of the milk tea that killed two and downed another victim in Manila on Thursday. On Saturday, the FDA said it will take them two days at most to determine if there was cyanide in the milk tea. They also said they have already started lab analysis even if the Philippine National Police has not yet completed documentary requirements on the sample they submitted.


ErgoCha Milk Tea House on Bustillos Street, Sampaloc, Manila, is closed by authorities after the sudden deaths of its owner and a customer and the poisoning of another who reportedly drank beverage sold in the shop.

Meanwhile, a police source who was able to talk to the doctor who conducted an autopsy on milk tea shop owner William Abrigo, initial investigation found no signs of any strong chemicals like silver nitrate or cyanide in the victim’s throat. In addition, quoting the doctor, that whatever substance killed the victims would be found in their stomachs and that there was a big possibility they were killed by one of the ingredients of the milk tea they drank.

The Manila Police District for its part is waiting for the official autopsy reports to be turned in.

On Thursday, two people died in Manila after they drank milk tea at the ErgoCha Milk Tea House in Bustillos, Sampaloc. Among the casualties was Suzaine Dagohoy, one of the two customers who took a sip of the “Hokkaido’’-flavored drink and shop owner William Abrigo, who tasted the milk tea after two customers complained of an unpleasant taste. The other victim is Dagohoy’s boyfriend Arnold Aydalla, who also took a sip but immediately spat it out and was rushed to Philippine General Hospital, where he was still confined Saturday.

The alleged food poisoning incident prompted health and sanitation officials to work overtime during the weekend, with one probe checking whether the beverage was laced with cyanide that caused Abrigo, Dagohoy and the ErgoCha store owner, collapsed and died shortly after they took a sip of the milk tea that Dagohoy ordered at the store at 10:42 a.m.


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