Every court decision in relation to any case is qualitatively essential in the swift restoration of law and order in any given society. On a personal note, a jury or a judge’s final verdict to be able to vindicate one’s name and reputation no matter how tedious these legal processes are just to attain the sweetest fruits of freedom at the right time. But what if a presiding magistrate had issued an executory ruling which was against a dynamic and evolving national interests? This was the full context of the highly-sensational Ferguson controversial verdict in relation to the shooting of a teenger by police officer in the person of Daren Wilson. The incident had brought a furious and an uncontrollable outrage of protesters to seek justice and peace for Michael Brown.

Thousands of outraged protesters have gathered around Times Square, after a controversial Ferguson verdict.

Thousands of outraged protesters have gathered around Times Square, after a controversial Ferguson verdict.

Thousands of concerned citizens and protesters have gathered in Times Square which is just outside the White House. These people have reached even the pit of downtown Philadelphia. Along this line, numerous protesters had shouted, Hands up, don’t shoot. This heartwarming plea was in relation to the shooting of Brown last August 9. He was an African- American teen who had been literally unarmed when that particular frightening scenario had occurred. In other developments, Ferguson is in the news for several weeks now, as millions are patiently waiting for that very catalytic decision. Meanwhile, an emergency declaration was lawfully made by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon prior to the announcement of the jury. This was put into place to avoid any untoward incident, right after a couple of hours that a legal decision had been handed down. Along this juncture, President Obama had aired his side a few minutes right after St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has made the much awaited decision for that fateful day. As expected, he had asked his people for sobriety and calmness amidst this very relevant social issue.

In retrospect, Michael Brown’s stepfather had consoled the distraught mother of the slain teenager, by saying this harsh words.

Burn this motherf—er down and Burn this bitch down.

During those alarming and disturbing protests in Ferguson, rows of business establishments had been burned down most specially on West Florissant Avenue. This a major route of vehicles in the suburbs of Saint Louis. Sad to say, it was engulfed by fiery flames last Monday night. Police cars were set on fire. As a result, firefighters were too anxious and restless due to this chaotic situation. Similarly, the mother of the ill-fated teeager had spoken before thousands of proteesters and crowds alike. She began by saying,

I don’t do nothing to nobody.

In the final analysis of this Ferguson news story, the case of Michael Brown must be subjected to a review to be able expedite the cause of freedom at all cost.

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