Hundreds of thousands of food supplements are proliferating in our midst today. Yet, some of these do claim that they are as effective as they should be. However, some of these are dubious in terms of therapeutic effects. In this regard, it is much better to discover and know more about some of these natural health wonders from those experts who are continuously struggling to find the best answers to our varying health concerns most specially if these do not involve synthetic components just like antibiotics. One of which, is fermented Cod liver oil. By definition, it is a substance which has been utilized as a conventional supplement in European countries during the ancient times. Beneficially, it helps us in providing the much needed Vitamin A in fat-soluble, as well as Vitamin D alongside with Omega-3 fatty acids which are in highly digestible compositions. Since our physiological constitutions primarily need the essential assimilations for good health, this was what Weston A. Price Foundation has to say.

A daily dose of COD Liver Oil increases one's supply of Vitamins A and D.

A daily dose of COD Liver Oil increases one’s supply of Vitamins A and D.

At least 2,000 genes, or nearly 10 percent of your genes, have been identified that are directly influenced by vitamin D, which in turn impact a wide variety of health issues, from preventing the common cold and flu to inhibiting at least sixteen different types of cancer. Widespread vitamin D deficiency has also been strongly linked to the childhood epidemics of autism, asthma, and diabetes, both type 1 and 2. Vitamin A, which is essential for your immune system just like vitamin D, is also a precursor to active hormones that regulate the expression of your genes, and they work in tandem. For example, there is evidence that without vitamin D, vitamin A can be ineffective or even toxic. But if you’re deficient in vitamin A, vitamin D cannot function properly either.

You need to have a daily supply of Vitamin D from a fermented cod liver oil, because let say for example you want to have an adequate supply of this vitamin and yet you are using a sunscreen. Logically speaking, you will not be able to absorb this because sunscreens do block Vitamin D on purpose. In terms of our food regimen, some Vitamin D components are literally unavailable due to the following factors: GMO content, synthetic compositions and climate change among others. Therefore, Vitamin D in its natural form should be an integral part of your diet if you want to be truly healthy through the years. On the other hand, Vitamin A is sad to say difficult to attain and absorb. For instance, beta-carotene which is in time converted into retinol is known as an active form of Vitamin A is absorbed with only 3 percent of each ideal amount for a healthy adult. This is the main reason why both carrots and red peppers are considered to be lacking in Vitamin A. Nevertheless, such kind of vitamins are found in animal livers and grass fed dairy. In the subsequent sections of this article the health benefits of a fermented cod liver oil will be revealed in random.

Health Benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil

As previously mentioned, this kind of a healthy oil has remarkable health advantages. As such, we ought to know what these are so as to keep as guided accordingly in relation to the promotion of a healthy and sound body without medical prescription. Among these are:

  1. It promotes a healthy level of cholesterol.
  2. It prevents any inflammatory occurrence it any part of our body.
  3. If you do have a child with ADHD symptoms, the said oil is very much of advantageous.
  4. Mood disorders are better resolved by this kind of oil. Examples of these are bipolar disorders and other anxiety attacks.
  5. People who have atherosclerotic plaque will not have any other formation if cod liver oil that is well fermented will be taken regularly.
  6. Asthmatics will no longer have a problem with their respiratory tract.

Usage of and Limitations

Even alternative medicines should have medical specifics as far as their usages are concerned. These are primal requisites in order to prevent unwanted side effects which can be detrimental to once health. Among these are: Headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and many others. Cod liver oil which has been fermented for a long time, should follow the strict principles and steps when one needs to try its lasting efficacy of this oil. In lieu of this, they are enumerated as follows:

  • When purchasing this healthy oil be sure that it was not subjected to these processes.- Alkaline refining, deodorization and bleaching. Significantly it was revealed by researchers that these have adverse side effects as it destroys the inherent Vitamins A and D components
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  • Subsequently, it will also destruct your omega 3 fatty acids storehouse. But the most shocking revelation of all is that synthetic medicines have found to be adulterated in many ways so as to meet the diverse labelling requirements
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  • For best results, a fermented cod liver oil must be added to a butter oil with a high vitamin content. High vitamin type of butter oil contains Vitamin K2 and synchronized with Vitamins A and D. Among the best sources of Vitamin K are: Cheese, animal protein, grass fed and butter
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These remarkable attributes of fermented cod liver oil might be questionable to some doctors in particular. But Mother Nature has its own way of reversing the complexities of medical fora for the sake of man’s most blessed body given by God.

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