The glaring fame of stardom is not all to a famous Filipino balladeer, whose rags to riches story inspired millions of people to make their fondest dreams come true no matter what happens. Jovit Baldovino, the grand prize champion of Pilipinas Got Talent on ABS-CBN Channel 2 wants to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer someday. Currently, the 20-year old singer is taking up Criminology in an undisclosed university in the Philippines. He is now in his sophomore year. After his much awaited graduation, he wants to take up Law. In an interview, a few minutes before his gig rehearsal last week he seriously said.

Jovit Baldovino, wants to become a lawyer very soon.

Jovit Baldovino, wants to become a lawyer very soon.

If i will not have the chance to become a mechanical engineer, i want to become a lawyer. It is indeed a very nice feeling when you have successfully finished such kind of course. You will really have a much stronger personality.

Jovit is juggling between his studies and his very illustrious showbiz career, because he is the sole breadwinner of his family. He is one of the mainstays of ASAP, a noontime show on Channel 2 every Sunday. As far as his singing career is concerned, he is planning to do his fourth album next month. Along this juncture, he wants to try other genres to let the entire world that he is not only a rock singer but a versatile one. Likewise, he wants to become an actor in the years to come. Despite of his extremely hectic schedule, he is into acting workshops too. He is under the tutelage of director Rahyan Carlos.

In retrospect, Jovit Baldovino was a former siomai vendor before he joined a local singing search. Indeed, he is a jack of all trades which is seldom to find nowadays.

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