Good food is a cultural paradigm of the world. It is a magnificent anchor of nations in terms of their diversities in those intriguing gaps between customary conventions, perspectives and personal sapidity. Therefore, it resembles how each one of us will gladly meet and meaningfully intertwine with the past, present and future without modifying this exemplary facet of a continuously evolving food culture across the globe. In the Philippines, there is one interesting place that tourists should not miss while enjoying the finest tourist attractions of the country.

Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Makati City.

Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Makati City.

The Filling Station and Cafe Bar which is conveniently situated in Padre Burgos Street, Makati City is an exciting and yet nostalgic hangout where you can travel back in time to the 1950’s Era without even using a scientific travel time machine. In brief, it is the amazing and legendary concept of a former United States Navy chief cook whose true identity has remained to be a top secret to make this newly- established food joint in the ‘90s even more mystifying for all its loyal diners and special guests. By the way, the unidentified owner of Filling Station Bar and Cafe had decided not to go back to his own native land when the contract of the US Military Bases were not given another chance to stay in the Philippines to defend her sovereignty against the external threats of other countries.

To keep up with a challenging and competitive business climate in the Philippines, he productively used his inherent creativity and tremendous imagination to put up a money making venture that would really change the night life of those nocturnal Filipinos and foreigners alike; who cannot seem to get enough of having an extraordinary experience of how it feels like to be in a 1950’s cafe bar and restaurant in the United States. That is how, the innovative Filling Station and Cafe Bar came to be. Among the best features of this bar and restaurant are as follows: Sultry portraits of Marilyn Monroe, an oil barrel, telephone apparatuses in the 50’s, radios, movies, a huge replica of Batman, vintage car seats and all other inspiring memorabilia of the said Golden Era. On the other hand, some of its timeless and unforgettable bestsellers are those dishes which have their unique names that were beautifully christened from those popular cars and oil companies which have enigmatically transformed the 1950’s, into a year of jovial celebrations and inexplicable progress and development.

Similarly, this humble but glittering restaurant also serves the usual burger and fries meals, continental cuisines like steaks and pizzas among others. But if you want you and your family to savor those all-time Filipino favorites like Pancit Canton, Crispy Pata and barbecues do not hesitate to request for these food stuffs because they are readily available anytime of the day at Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Makati City. From these humble beginnings and unprecedented successes, the very popular Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Makati City, Philippines has truly gone a long, long way in terms of their impeccable marketing strategies, cuisine presentations and variety, customers’ satisfaction and affordability. Consequently, 1997 was considered as one of the best years of Filling Station. Its prestigious company had superbly maintained their main countenances of business excellence by further enhancing their incomparable food quality, their unparalleled kinds of customer service and most importantly, the affordability of those exquisite foods that never failed to titillate the discriminating tastes of fine and simple diners here and abroad. As far as its unexpected and momentous expansion is concerned, it has vastly done so by adding thirty eight tables more to their previously dining set up of 12 slabs.

Ultimately, the major difference of this restaurant and cafe bar is that the Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Makati City, Philippines has marvelously deviated from the known formalities of restaurants and other food establishments in the world, most particularly in the Philippines. To make itself a trendsetter, this sensational entertainment nerve center have four huge billiard tables, a fully-equipped VIP Room and a much bigger oil barrel bar that will conveniently accommodate all its customers with world-class dishes and services.


The delectable and satisfying meals of Filling Station have varying classifications in accordance to the food requisites of their guests who are mostly those people on the go and love to spend their leisure hours by just playing eating and having some casual talks with their business associates, family and friends. To date, some of these easy to remember food categories are: Starters, breakfasts, soups, salads and Tex-Mex, pastas and pizzas, burgers, their Station’s specialties, Filipino dishes, desserts and other refreshing beverages to name a few. Descriptively, here are the top 3 sample menus of each classification in random:

  • Starters- Foods which are considered as starters, will definitely perk up a diner’s melancholic mood for whatever reason it might be. In this case, our featured dining hangout for this day, delightfully welcomes everyone with these irresistible antipastos as if they have already tasted the resto’s main course. Under this culinary umbrella, we have the following: Fried Calamari, Sizzling Gambas and Garlic Shrimp Diablo
  • .

  • Breakfasts- At the cool and outrageous Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Padre Burgos Street, Makati City, you can always start your day right by choosing your favorite breakfast from any of their top of the line breakfast combo meals that will make your mornings stress-free and full of optimism. Want to try these filling breakfast combos one of these days? For this particular group, they will enticingly captivate your uncontrollable food cravings with their Blueberry, Pancake Tower Power Breakfast and Arroz Ala Cubana
  • Soups and Salads- The Filling Station and Cafe and Bar will never let your high expectations to subside without justifiable reasons. In fact their soups and salads line ups are indeed the centers of attraction when they have foreign guests in this remarkable and retro bar and restaurant. Along this line, their best combinations are the Spiced Seafood Salad, Fajitas Combo and Seafood Chowder
  • .

  • Pastas and Pizzas- Interestingly, most of its pastas and pizzas are named after famous celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and the Great Mussolini. Therefore, these yummy treats are aptly referred to as Presley’s Pizza, Mussolini Pesto Pizza and the Sinatra’s Chicken Pesto
  • .

  • Burgers and Sandwiches – For certified burger and sandwich lovers out there, why don’t you try a new twist in eating your favorite hamburgers in the ‘50s Era? Yes, these gastronomic busters will undoubtedly be one of your daily snack regimens once you have tasted some of these sumptuous burgers in town today. You are cordially invited at the Filling Station to have a bite of their Filling Station Super Burger, Midget Burgers and the Chicken Mango Panini and Clubhouse sandwiches
  • .

  • Station’s Specialties- Generally, its food specialties are intricately and artistically prepared with utmost perfection and love. For this eye-catching dish category, you will have a once in a lifetime chance to savor the richness of these foods in a homey atmosphere such as a plateful of John Wayne’s Rib Eye, Tenderloin Tips and their succulent, Grilled Chicken
  • .

  • Filipino Dishes- No matter how modern or exquisite the culinary approach or ambiance is of a restaurant in review, the eternal allure and appeal of Filipino dishes in the thrilling and appetizing gustatory anecdotes of food aficionados, will constantly have its special place in the long and bounty table of Filling Station Bar Aside from the all-time Filipino favorite classics like the Sweet and Sour Tilapia, they also have the luscious and creamy Ginataang Sugpo a hot and steamy serving of Sizzling Bulalo. Truly, the dynamic Filipino food culture never goes out of its palatable harmony and sensuous cooking styles
  • .


Although the prices might not be too affordable to average wage earners, they can still find the best ways on how to enjoy these hearty meals without that a sting on their budget. After all, what matters most is the fulfilment that you will be getting out of your food trip escapade only at the No.1 cafe bar and restaurant right at the heart of Makati, City. Below, are some of their food prices as of April 28, 2013.

  • Pasta- Php 220.00 and above
  • Burgers/ Sandwiches-Php 160.00 and up
  • Rice Cuisines- Php 290.00 and up
  • Steaks and other Similar Dishes-Php 325.00 and above
  • Desserts- Php 65.00 and up

Opening Hours

Unbelievably, the Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Padre Burgos Street is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Filling Station and Cafe Bar is accessibly located at 5012 Padre Burgos Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City.

How to Get There

For first time diners of the Filling Station Bar and Cafe you should drive safely along Makati Avenue. Then, shift to P. Burgos Street that is located past the 7-11 convenience store. After a short distance travel look onto your left side, prior to Durban Street, Makati, City.

Food savoring is a distinctive journey of the human palate, which remarkably defines what is totally satisfying; though it is somewhat exorbitant most of the time. Indeed, the endless entrees galore at the Filling Station and Cafe Bar definitely live up to their intriguing business name that is to PLAY with your sensuous tastes, Fill your life with great food and live entertainment and that will REFILL your bodies with so much adrenalin See you all there.

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