In the challenging course of human evolution, we often hear the scientific confabulation of equinox or for a trendier phrase some say, that it should be aptly referred to as First Day of Autumn. Frankly, it is not easier to comprehend when you tend to ask someone of what it is and of course how can this natural phase of Mother Nature can affect or improve our fast-paced lives in this modern world of today. Based on scientific studies, Monday is being referred to as an autumnal equinox. For a much better understanding, it is universally characterized as the occurrence within one or two days wherein none of the most prominent poles are angled towards the direction of the sun. Therefore, days and nights are equal to each other. In lieu of this, the seasonal guard and its relative but significant changes have sometimes taken an upheaval of positive changes within and around us.

First Day of Autumn is too significant for each one of us because it provides us the chance to change.

First Day of Autumn is too significant for each one of us because it provides us the chance to change.

Last Monday night, we had already experienced that our Mother Planet had gone into another transcending phase which is known as the equinox. To define, it is a natural phenomenon where the sun directly shines on the earth’s equator. In reciprocity, it will go towards the Northern or Southern hemispheres. This only means to say, that both poles of the earth will have a pleasurable moment in experiencing both darkness and daylight with equal durations to successfully complete a 24-hour revolution of life and happiness. Scientifically, almost 90 percent of those people who are living at the northern side of the equator are likewise experiencing a First Day of Autumn which results in longer nights and more days of immeasurable productiveness. On the other hand, those persons who are destined to be in the Southern section of the equator, makes its way for a vernal equinox which is actually the onset of spring.

Hence, if we are to accurately calculate everything the succeeding six months will let the sun’s invigorating rays and brilliance to shine equally for only just a day prior to the spring in the Northern Hemisphere as well as an autumn for its corresponding counterpart. On the lighter side of the story, did you know that during the ancient times, the First Day of Autumn was detected by means of constructing huge monuments? Although this seems to be unbelievable, but this is undeniably true. To date, the great sandstone monoliths which were located at the Stonehenge in Southern England are said to commemorate both spring and the First Day of Autumn as the shortest days in given year.

In relation to this, the huge rock formations in those years are the most prominent gauges of the people’s planting and harvesting months. Last but not the least, the Mayan in those early years had marked the First Day of Autumn through the construction of a celestial calendar on a limestone plateau.

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