First Solar Aircraft in the World: A Historical Milestone

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In my wildest dreams ever, I have not yet ridden an airplane. Perhaps, God wants me to be in an aircraft that is solar-powered. Yes, a solar aircraft no more, no less. This catapulting invention of the most brilliant aircraft engineers in Switzerland has been subjected to a much awaited pilot testing last Monday.

The first-ever solar aircraft made its skyrocketing debut in Switzerland last Monday.

The first-ever solar aircraft made its skyrocketing debut in Switzerland last Monday.

This latest trend in aircraft technology, is beautifully christened as Solar Impulse 2. A year from now, it is expected to circumnavigate the world in utmost convenience and safety. Incidentally, it was able to successfully accomplish a flight of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Amazingly, its German pilot who goes by the name of Markus Scherdel has this to proudly brag about.

Everything worked as expected.

Structure wise, this one-of-a-kind solar aircraft is made from the most modern kind of carbon fiber, 17,248 solar powered batteries, an incredible wingspan of 234 feet and four electric motors. Initially, Solar Impulse’s paces have been critically-studied in Europe. Then, it has safely crossed the Mediterranean to see the beauty and splendor of Morocco. On the other hand, Solar Impulse 2 is expected to perform much better than its predecessor. To begin with, it is geared towards traveling across the globe for 120 hours without end. In simpler terms, it has to fly for five days and five nights.

Therefore, Solar Impulse 2 will be given the rare opportunity to traverse both the vastness of Atlantic and the Pacific without any sign of delay globally speaking. Hopefully, this very impeccable solar aircraft will travel around UAE in March 2015. Now, are you ready to be in that flight years from now?


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