It is a common gesture, that whenever we tend to meet someone, we shake the hand of that person to signify that we are about to somehow establish a new form of camaraderie and friendship in the long run. But as the years passed by, we might have a much safer way to foster a new and fruitful relationship with those new acquaintances that we meet along the way. These are what experts call as fist bumps. According to those new and verified findings by the Public Health Ministry of England, a Victorian age bow can also be qualified as one of the safest ways to greet somebody that you will meet for the very first time.

To prove that handshakes are more dangerous, they have dipped a pair of sterilized hand gloves into a special mixture of a bacterial broth. In the said very revealing scientific study, the external part of the globe was filed with an E-coli. After which, they had performed other of hand movements and that included the conventional handshakes. After the said experiment, it was published in an American Journal of Infections Control that a simple handshake was able to transfer 10z more bacteria than ordinary fist bumps. According to Dr. Dr Dave Whitworth, there is definitely a serious side to this story, superficially it is very whimsical, but there is a serious message underneath. If there’s a flu pandemic then handshaking might be something you want to think about or in a hospital with the spread of super bugs. There’s a lot of inertia into changing this, a handshake is a badge of office and medics are trained to have a firm handshake to infuse patients with confidence, but you’ve got to ask is that appropriate behavior.

Fist bumps are much safer than handshakes according to health gurus.

Fist bumps are much safer than handshakes according to health gurus.

Perhaps, this is the main reason why handshakes are prohibited in some of the famous hospitals. In general, let us try these cool fist bumps to be much safer enough from the deadliest bacteria that this world has ever discovered.

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