In an ultra-conservative country like the Philippines, the third sex has always been unfairly ostracized. But thanks to the so-called rainbow defenders, they now have an echoing voice in a society where they belong to strongly defend their rights as human beings. The Bahaghari Awards is an award-giving body that duly recognizes the active role of media personalities in the Philippines insofar as informing and educating the modern youths of today in relation to the dilemmas and struggles of people who belong to a group that is commonly referred to as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgenders or simply, the LGBT group.

Che-Che Lazaro

Che-Che-Lazaro, was one of Outrageous Magazines’s Bahaghari Awardees of 2014.

In cooperation with Outrageous Magazine, the roster of awardees were selected according to a clear-cut set of criteria which was drafted and unanimously approved by Outrageous Magazine and LGBT respectively. These are as follows: Fairness, accuracy, inclusive representations and their efforts’ impact to society. The other media personalities who were given the same kind of distinction were the following: Filipino economist Winnie Monsod, GMA-7’s Jessica Soho, former Miss Saigon, Lea Salonga and world-renowned Filipino psychologist, Margarita Holmes.

The Outrageous Magazine was founded by Michael David C. Tan in 2007. This phenomenal magazine centers on LGBT events and issues. Through the years, the exclusive magazine for LGBT’s was able to successfully launch countless projects which have something to do with their campaigns and advocacies for the welfare of LGBT members. Michael Tan highly commended the valuable support of these rainbow defenders in shedding light about the basic rights of LGBT’s in a kind of society where they are wrongly perceived most of the time.

In closing, these rainbow defenders in the Philippines have marvelously exhibited the divine and universal personifications of God who dearly accepts each and everyone of us unconditionally no matter who or what we are in this earthly life.

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